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    Re: Offical Post-Game Thoughts and Observations

    INSANE! Some one opened a can of whoop A$$! I was happy going into the game, knowing we would lose and I would endure it. Hahahhahah. Oh me of little faith!

    Some one replaced our O-Line, QB, Recievers, and secondary.....that HAS to be it....if not, why dont they play that way all the time?

    Hats off to: EJ! omg...superman over LT and get the sack...and what a game. Childress, wow, you JUST may be a good coach without McNabb. Secondary, umm, swatting passes ALL OVER THE FIELD! Hey Rook, ohhh, you just swatted one, just WOW! (I wanna type caps on everything!) Recievers, Ferguson gettting the first down! Rice..ohhh Rice! And Blocking, yes the receivers can plain flat block. D in general, anyone see them jawing with LT and especially Rivers? Yep...they were SO into Rivers head there was no coming back. Oline, sweet mother of god, single game rushing record = lotta insane holes made by them....did I miss anyone?

    AP, wow, rook! LOL, hanging up the nfl all time single game rushing record on the number 7 ranked (before) D against the rush. The fumble hurt me too, but WOW, WOW WOW WOW WOW...

    Even the broadcasters were good. LOL, "you could fry and egg on Brad Childress's forehead right now" (after the missed FG return) made my day.

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    Re: Offical Post-Game Thoughts and Observations

    Amazing game to be a part of, my 2nd Vikings game (they're 2-0 in ones that I've been to), and I got to witness history.

    Peterson is just amazing!!!

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    Re: Offical Post-Game Thoughts and Observations

    "MaxVike" wrote:
    Did anyone else find it ironic that the day Adrian Peterson enters the All-time record book, the opposing team has the longest TD (play) in NFL history?
    So many records and big plays against us, the one game we have a historic day, Cromartie returns a missed FG 109 yards
    Seriously is it just me or is it that 90% of another teams historic highlights come against the Vikings? Watching NFL Films of old and present day footage, its always the Vikings getting burned. And of course on the day the Vikes smash someone and set a record, the opponent had a record of their own. Oi...

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    Re: Offical Post-Game Thoughts and Observations

    I guess Kluwe did have a good day. The first half of the game i thought he had a 20ish and 2 30ish yrd punts. While their punter was booming it. Second half i was too busy watching AD and our D blitzing and putting on pressure to see Kluwe was earning his big paycheck.

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    Re: Offical Post-Game Thoughts and Observations

    QB: C, Jackson and Bollinger both played decent. Bollinger was better. TJ almost had two picks. I do not remember Bollinger throw a bad pass. The main difference between the two is that Bollinger can throw the deep ball. Jackson is just not ready. This is the first time I have said this. I still hope he can be that guy but right now he is not.
    Bollinger might just be our best chance of winning. Fuck did I just say that?! I would like to see him start against Green Bay and maybe even start the rest of the year but I doubt that will happen. Jackson is really worrying me with all these injuries!

    RB: A+, Chester you need to hold on to the ball in the redzone if you want to get some carries. I still love both our running backs but I think we need to give Peterson the majority of the carries. He just flat out wears down the defense. Not to mention that he is a threat to take it to the house. The reason we won this game and the Chicago game.

    WR: B, I did not really see any dropped balls. I really like our receiving corps and I do not think they are a problem. We need a QB that can get them the ball and is consistent.

    B, Shaincoe needs to be in our passing game. Wait we need a QB. I really think this guy can be a playmaker.

    OL: A-, WOW, they can play. They need to do this every game. I think the pass blocking could be better and it needs to be because Kampman and KGB are fast.

    DL: A+, Ray Edwards is the MVP for the defense. This guy had his best game as a pro.
    The pass rush made the difference in this game.

    LB: A, EJ has stepped his game up. He was a monster and my other defensive MVP. Leber also made some nice plays. I did not see Greenway much which is probably a good thing because he was not missing tackles or blowing coverages.

    CB: B-, Charles Gordon really made the most of his time. My hat goes off to him. He made a couple plays out there. Cedric also made some nice plays. Marcus was lucky on a couple plays. He got beat by Chambers a couple times. If it was not for a penalty and rivers missing him, oh boy he would have been toast. I still saw some missed tackles. They had a lot of help from our pass rush.

    B, Smith made some nice plays but had a dumb penalty. I even saw Tank in there making a play. I think Sharper could have made a few more plays. Again they had a lot of help from our pass rush.

    ST: B-, Kluwe played decent but he can be better. Longwell I thought you had that one buddy. What the hell is wrong with our field goal unit. Wake the hell up. Hicks made a half ass effort to make a tackle on that return. I noticed that Birk was held ont that return. It should have been called.

    Coaching: B, I liked the play calling and the fact that Chilly did not waste timeouts on challenging a couple plays. I hope Chilly learns from his mistakes and runs AD in the second half o the Green Bay game. Look at what AD did in the 2nd half of this game. Peterson had only 43 yards in the first half of the Charger game. Run AD! 2 minute drill needs to get better. This could lose us a few games down the stretch. We should run more screens.

    Overall: B+, I hope we can play like this against Green Bay. We still need a QB to lead this team.

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