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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    "MississippiViking" wrote:
    Hey this is my first post!!

    I wouldn't pay almost 100 million dollars to get 4.1 yards per rush.
    That is ridiculous!!!
    I would however take a wait and see approach to changing anything.
    Remember This is a first year head coach; calling plays for the first time; An offensive line that is learning to play together;
    A new running back and a new fullback.
    I don't care what anyone says it will take time to gel.
    These guys have to get to the point of knowing what the other is going to do without thinking about it.
    This takes time.
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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    What was the word of the year last regular season? Gel.

    Now that we're losing again, it's time to bring out that infamous word again.

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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    Now I have slept on your suggestion of moving Hutch over to the right.

    And while I understand your argument for doing it, I don't like to see it happen. I think it is better to have a really good line on one side, than an average line all over.

    I just think the coaches must get the right of the line to work better. They don't have to be as good as the left side. They just need to be adequate on the right side and we will be more than fine.

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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    It's really the first year for this line together. Give the line time. It's Childress first year give it time. We have a lot of damage to repair on this great Viking ship. So far we are the only team to play the Bears close. We also played the Bills close. We are playing good football. It's just the stupid mistake that are killing us.

    If you look at the Bears game the Bears were screwing up left and right. We should have won that game.

    We need to play with less mistakes.

    Go Twins!!

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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    Everyone says give the line time..Honestly, how much time do you want to give them? 8 games? The whole year?

    The sad part is if you look at individual plays it isn't lack of communication, usually it is either Mckinnie (who is supposed to have a break out year) or Birk (the multi-pro-bowler) getting beat by bullrushers or speed on the edge. I expect those mistakes from Johnson, but there was one play last week where we were running left. Mckinnie and Hutchinson got their blocks, but Birk's guy straight up beat the all-pro one-on-one and made the tackle. Plays like that just confuse me.
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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    Understand this suggestion was not something I think has to happen in order for us to improve. It just makes the most sense and it happens all the time. Flipping guards is not rocket science.

    I do not think having a really good line on one side is better then an average line all over. In fact I would argue it creates a weakness on our team that can be exploited by the defense. A quarter of the season is gone, we have yet to establish our offense. Again 4.1 yards per carry, is more then adequate. You want to cry about 100 million dollars!? Thank Wilf because he didn't pay Hutch the money he did because he is the best in the world and can work miracles, he payed Hutch what he did because he was a RESTRICTED free agent, and in order to get him he had to set the bar high.

    If you can run the ball three times in a row and get a first, as far as avg goes then that is more then enough and I think you would be hard pressed to find a coaching staff anywhere that would cry about getting that ammount of production.

    Football is a team sport. Balance is key, I think flipping guards gets us closer to balance. You all waited all season for our o-line to "Gel" last season and now half of them are gone.

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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    As I see it what it all comes down to is how to fix the right side of the line, that we all agree don't work as it has played in the first games.

    You don't think that it can work without a personel change, i.e. moving Hutch over.

    I'm just not willing to give up on the Hicks-Johnson combination just yet. I think they should have the talent to get it to work eventually. And if it dosn't I'd much rather experiment with putting Herrara or Whittle in there instead of Hicks.

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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    The thing I ask myself is why is that right side of the line commiting crucial game changing penalties? From Matt Birk on you have guys that are not able to run the ball, and who are commiting these red zone altering huge penalties. The only thing I can think of is they are getting man handled over there and it is taking it's toll on them.

    I guess it would be a question of does the right side of the line have the talent to improve?

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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    You would be correct in that assesment. But does swaping guards help Johnson from making mental mistakes. Probably not.

    The left side is not broken, lets not try to fix it then. Instead lets find some guys that can hold their own on the right side.

    And then we are back, do they have the talent to up their performance and play for this team. Time will tell, and I'm willing to cut them some slack for a couple of weeks more at least.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Offensive Line Examined

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Personally I don't care what our average is, If we rush 15 times for 2 yards and under, it doesn't do us much good to get a 20 yard run here and there, because we'll be punting it 9/10 times on those drives.
    We need to consistently get over 4 yards a carry, not AVERAGE 4 yards a carry.
    I challenge you to find one team in the history of the NFL that has consistently got over 4 yds per carry (not on average like you alluded to).
    I have never, ever, seen that.
    Averaging over 4 yds/carry is gol 'darnit good.
    The only way it happens is on average because of the few breakaway runs for more yards.
    Prove me wrong.

    A few examples of RBs from wk 4 with >100 yds

    D. Foster had a typical game for an RB that gets >100 yds/game.
    Notice the breakaway
    and increase in yardage as the game wore on.

    D. Foster 105 yds on 16 carries
    1. 3yds
    2. 3 yds
    3. -10 yds
    4. 4 yds
    5. 7 yds
    6. 3 yds
    7. 5 yds
    8. 4 yds
    9. 3 yds
    10. 12 yds
    11. 3 yds
    12. 6 yds
    13. 5 yds
    14. 4 yds
    15. 10 yds
    16. 43 yds

    J. Norwood 106 yds on 5 carries in 4th quarter (W. Dunn & Ron Mexico were RBish workhorses in first 3 qtrs)
    1. 78yds
    2. 7 yds
    2. -3 yds
    3. 19 yds
    4. 1 yd
    5. 4 yds

    J. Jones 122 yds on 23 carries
    1. 0 yds
    2. -1 yds
    3. 6 yds
    4. 26 yds
    5. 5 yds
    6. 3 yds
    7. 2 yds
    8. -2 yds
    9. 3 yds
    10. 4 yds
    11. 2 yds
    12. 5 yds
    13. 4 yds
    14. 24 yds
    15. 5 yds
    16. 5 yds
    17. 3 yds
    18. 9 yds
    19. 2 yds
    20. 12 yds
    21. -1 yd
    22. 4 yds
    23. 2 yds

    It's obvious that our running game needs to pick it up, but to think we can get more than 4 yds on every carry is a bit extreme.
    I would like to see it, it would set an all-time NFL record.
    I'll go with averaging over 4+ anyday though.

    ================================================== =

    Del, did you put those stats in a spreadsheet?
    It would be awesome to see how those stats progress over the season....maybe even a D-line slant too.

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