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Thread: Offensive line

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    Re: Offensive line

    usually you win the game if you win the battle in the trenches. most all the time i think. running back gets 100 yards, you win. no ints/sacks, you win. it all comes back to the oline. they play good, and your team will win.
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    Re: Offensive line

    True. I also think that you win if you convert several critical 3rd down situations. Every football game is decided by like 4 3rd down plays, and whoever wins those, usually wins.

    Aikman once said, "football is decided by who is most physical. If you win that battle, you can do all the finesse stuff like scoring".

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    Re: Offensive line

    I think having Fontio, Birk,M. Johnson, Bryant M, and tight end Jimmy, we could have the best O-Line next year.

    3 Probowl O-Line men = Best Line in the NFL.

    Hell, keep Tice as our line Coach, and he we could do it, and whoever gets to run behind that will be a top back, MM (baby).

    Yeah thats right, me with probably the onlu K-ROB jersey Autograph, and Nate "the great" Burleson

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    Re: Offensive line

    i still think rosenthal is a pretty good lineman why didnt u mention him?

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    Re: Offensive line

    "midgensa" wrote:
    I think our line still has a ways to go. We just are not opening up any holes for people to run through. Also, blitzes seem to blow us up quite often, we are lucky BJ got up after the one hit. That is on the line and on the blocking RB, but we still have a ways to go.
    yeah, thats exactly what it is in my eyes, too! the game against lions shows that they can do it :smile:

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