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Thread: Offensive Line

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    Re: Offensive Line

    I really think that this is McKinnie's time to shine. I think McKinnie will take over the leadership role of the line. And with an outstanding tackle, that can lead to making the whole line better (like the Rams with Pace). Obviously, Birk is irreplacable, but Withrow will do an adequate job, and there is noone better in free agency. I think it will probably take a week or two for the line to get settled, but when that happens, we will be okay.

    Caine mentioned the Moss factor. And I have wondered about this same thing since the trade. But through the preseason, I think Culpepper has put that to rest. So far, Daunte has shredded every single secondary they play. When you do that, eventually teams are going to have to start double-teaming whoever is having a monster game, whether its Buleson or Taylor or Robinson. Last game against the Chargers, I think Nate had something like 5 catches for 97 yards in the first half. If he can continue that kind of production, and keep in mind we weren't even showing half our offensive plays, he's going to get double teamed mighty quick.

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    Re: Offensive Line

    If we keep throwing the ball like this, our run game will open up tremendously, IMO. Right now Daunte is just tearing people up (12-14 197yds last night), so the only way they are going to shut that down is to pull more people back into the secondary, which hopefully will open up the run. I'm not too worried right now.

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