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    Re: Offensive Identity

    our identity is be unstopable in between the 20s. our red zone offense, well there really isnt none. trying to get out of our own end, not happening. we just need to learn to go for the endzone from farther away. going deep doesnt solve everything, but lets have some more 20 yard in routes instead of 5 yard curve routes.
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    Re: Offensive Identity

    The thing I notice with the draw is it is useless against a team that has very good linebackers.

    In order to sell a draw as a lineman you need to show pass block. Linebackers read lineman to make a move. If the fire out it is run, if they drop back it is pass, what way did they fire out, which way did they drop back, did he pull, which way did he pull?

    So our lineman are trying to sell pass hope the LB's buy it and start to drop into pass protection a few yards, then the o-line releases and trys to block a LB in the open field. It's hard to execute. It's freaking something you may want to run ONCE a game.

    Line up. Run the ball. Give our O-line a chance. All they need to do is get a shoulder turned and Memo can do the rest. No more of this draw making up 45% of our run game.

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