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    Offense alone won't win titles

    [size=10pt]Offense alone won't win titles[/size]

    The only stat that really matters beyond wins and losses is points allowed. Just ask the last 22 Super Bowl champs.

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    Re: Offense alone won't win titles

    I just cut this out of the article, that I wonder about myself. About K-Robs suspension.

    Many e-mailers want to know why Packers receiver and former Viking Koren Robinson remains eligible following an August arrest for drunken driving while Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman had his four-game suspension extended to one year almost immediately following a drunken-driving arrest two weeks ago.

    The difference is Thurman did not appeal his suspension, while indications are Robinson received a one-year suspension but has appealed. The NFL does not announce suspensions until the appeals process is complete.

    Robinson was sentenced Wednesday to 90 days in jail for violating probation in his Aug. 15 arrest in Mankato for drunken driving, felony fleeing and other charges. It's believed he is challenging the drunken-driving charge because his blood-alcohol level of .09 was close to the Minnesota legal limit of .08.

    Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday he expects Robinson to be eligible for Sunday's game against the Rams

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