"Marrdro" wrote:
I see a trend.
Everytime you get in a bit of a jam by talking out your jiggly butt cause your mouth knows better you resort to idle threats as way out of the situation?
Doesn't work with me.
I've been around the block way to many times.

Maybe we can meet up at a tailgate sometime.


Anyway, back to the discussion at hand, Face it my friend.
You are way off track on this one.
Anyone who has ever been through the process is giggling to himself over your comments.

Let me ask you some very simple questions that are germaine to the discussion that you should be able to answer.

When you showed up for your first practice what did the coaches have you start working on first?

For me it was:

a. Conditioning.
b. Conditioning. Gear issue.
Conditioning. Class room.
Terminology, alignment, tackling, routes, ST's if you were on them. Classroom.
Basics + plays with more terminology, alignment, tackling, routes and some more ST's + gadget plays. Classroom
Basics + more playes with more terminology, alignment, tackleing, routes etc etc ect.

Were do you think that they worked on that play that AD screwed the pooch on?
Admit it.
Your wrong.
They weren't wasting weekly prep time on that stuff.

He learned it during OTAs or Preseason stuff and basically muffed it.
Poor execution on his part and not a coaching issue.

You've played.
Tell me I'm wrong with a straight face and everyone on here that has ever gone through the process of strapping it on, lining it up and putting a hit on will laugh in your general direction.

Part of growing up into manhood is being able to admit your wrong.
Come on my friend.
Take a huge step here.

I'm siding with the majority of NFL coaches that either:
A)Teach ther players to grab the ball and go.
B)Teach then to let that ball go into the endzone.

Sorry, I don't think Chilly is smarter then the rest of the NFL's head coaches. Tap dancing on the sideline feilding kickoffs doesn't work either. It may be proven wrong in another 2-3 years if they are ever given the oppturnity to do it again, but in all likeleyhood the Vikings will have a new coach by then. He more than likely won't coach his guys to pussy foot on the sidelines on kickoff returns.