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Thread: o4-o5 matchups

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    o4-o5 matchups

    the draft just made our schedule much more exciting

    vikings @ saints in the sunday night game ... the saints took will smith, who we coveted as a DE ... we took udeze and this matchup pits the two best DEs in the draft against each other on primetime television

    giants @ vikings ... hopefully eli manning will be starting by then so kenechi udeze can lay out his whiny-ass

    our matchups against detroit won't be easy now considering harrington is in his third year and he still has a young charles rogers, roy williams and stephen jackson on offense

    packers can utilize that 3rd round punter they got against us because they'll need him :thumbleft:

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    o4-o5 matchups

    They got Kevin Jones, not stephen Jackson. Besides our Offense and Defense are STILL better than than Lions and I don't think that anyone can argue that.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    o4-o5 matchups

    Our D Line(which is lookin good) vs. The Giants O Line(which isn't lookin good)...I hope Eli is playing too, he's ours :angryfire:

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