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Thread: O-Line Woes

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    O-Line Woes

    How much are we paying McKinnie? He's not even taking a 3 point stance and it still looks like he is standing still. Do they keep stats of where sacks on Culpepper come from? I guarantee McKinnie is leading the team.
    Now for the D-Line...where can we find a run stopper? Remember Jerry Ball? We need him. If we could steal Rogers from the Lions and that fat kid from the movie "Wildcats" we'd be set.

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    O-Line Woes

    The o-lines injuries and replacements are just becoming as bad as the revolving door positions at linebackers. Something you cant help and it appears we could have a tough as of a task as we do with our lb core and their struggles.

    Hopefully tice has the o-line on their heals to get them to play regularly. Dont want a terrible performance leading to a loss that starts with the o-line not blocking upfront well.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    O-Line Woes

    i dont think you guys are looking closely enough at whats going on? injuries have devastated the o-line, birk is playing hurt and plans to take a couple of weeks off after the jags game. if you bench liwienski, who goes in his place? Dorsey may be out the rest of the season. rosenthal is worse than lew with the false starts so i am not looking forward to him coming back next year. we have what we have and we are stuck with them, like it or not.

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