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Thread: O-Line?

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    Re: O-Line?

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    If we get Hutch I think the line will be McKinney, Hutch, Birk, Goldberg, Marcuse.

    The reason for Goldberg:
    6' 7" 330lbs

    going into his 3rd year, and I understand he is spending a lot of time at Winter Park and is working out. Maybe he will be a solid producer thuis year, with all the stuff that went on last year he still started 12 games.

    6' 8" 345lbs

    6' 5" 325lbs

    Matt Birk
    6' 4" 315lbs

    6' 7" 330lbs

    Marcus Johnson
    6' 6" 320lbs

    There is a lot of beef on that line.

    You make a good point, goldberg didnt play all that bad last year. And we have enough depth at the guard spot i think we would be ok if we didnt snag Neal. I wonder how runyan would play guard? I dont think marcus would be as good at guard as he would be tackle, he seems to not get up fast enough out of his stance to be a guard but he is young so maybe that could change. But right now if he is going to be a starter i would like to see him at tackle.

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    Re: O-Line?

    "DaunteHOF" wrote:
    you know, having birk back would just fix all of our problems but hes getting older so we need to find his replacement within the next two years

    Esclinger from the Gophers in the 3rd round of the draft, he is considered by a lot of draft experts to be the best center in college football.

    Have him train behind Birk for 2 or 3 years, he is not real heavy at 285lbs so he needs to add some bulk, if he can add some muscle and get up to 310 to 315. He is a hec of a pulling center and run blocker.
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    Re: O-Line?

    If we get Hutchinson, I am honestly very comfortable with our line. I think a HUGE reason our line played poorly at times last year is because we were without Birk.

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    Re: O-Line?

    If we get Hutchinson, then I would say we are set on the line. McKinnie-Hutchinson-Birk is a great left side, Marcus Johnson is solid at right tackle, and I think it will be a training camp battle between Goldberg and Herrera for the starting left guard spot ( both of whom I thought played well last year ). If Neal were signed along with Hutchinson, I think that would give us one of the top 5 lines in the league, but if not it is still a very good one.

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