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    Re: By The Numbers

    "marstc09" wrote:
    "PurpleGator" wrote:
    "marstc09" wrote:
    "PurpleGator" wrote:
    "marstc09" wrote:
    This article is sweet. Interesting numbers.

    I think my road game next year is Tampa.
    Tampa? Why not Jacksonville?
    If you go to Tampa let me know, I will make a trip down there.
    I am going to grab some extra tickets for the Jax game. (Just in case).
    pooh I will go to the Jacksonville game too. I love Florida. Are you closer to Jacksonville? I forgot where you live.
    I am 25 Minutes from the stadium.
    Thats pretty close.....
    I will plan on going to that game.
    Keep me informed.

    I am thinking the game will be scheduled around November but if its in early September, watch out.

    It will be hot!

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    Re: By The Numbers

    "Marrdro" wrote:

    Wondering who will be on the Vikings' 2008 slate of opponents? Look no further and, while you're at it, check a slew of notes and stats that could have a bearing on how tonight's game between the Vikings and Redskins shakes out.
    Schedule looks very favorable next year.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the Vikings will play 11 games in domes and, of their remaining five road games, two are in Florida and another is in Tennessee.
    I wonder when was the last time the Vikings played Arizona as one of the two games pairing the teams who finish second in their division, rather than just as part of the in-conference rotation....

    (In-conference rotation for next year is the NFC South).


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: By The Numbers

    Wow, that should be a good chance for me to get to a road game next year.
    I know Jax will be a good option, but depending on timing etc, TN might be a good chance for me as well.
    I have seen a game in Tampa already (98 when it was our only regular season loss, what a game).

    So lets stay in touch on the JAX deal.

    How hard are JAX tickets to come by?

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