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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    TJack had BETTER get more accurate REAL QUICK...or we will be giving up major field position on turnovers...which is NOT GOOD!

    He just needs to be as mistake-free as possible...the running game and defense can take care of the rest.
    last week he seemed quite accurate, i think he will be fine just needs to get in a grove

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    "Webby" wrote:
    As always with last game of the preseason I find little redeeming to carry forward to the season....but lets abstract...'

    What are your feelings for the record this year?

    Did the D show you enough?
    Did SP improve enough?
    So we have the right receiver core?

    I like to armchair coach.... FIRE AWAY!

    8 - 8
    and i think most of the losses will be really close and early in the season. This year we'll be our last building one. most of the puzzle is in place allready, the rest will be set i think near the end of the year.

    D is great, they are playing great position, tackles come from everywhere, and communication seems abundant, I think we'll have a top 5 D.

    for the rest, our WR's will be good, i can say that cause each has versitile uses, and i think that will play a factor in games. D's can't get used to how 1 person does something and some1 will get burned.
    i just hope we go for it on those moments.

    the play calling can't be over discussed yet, let see a real game day plan, and how it evolves and adapts to the actual game.

    TJack never got set against the cowgirls, given the chance i bet he would have found a groove and enjoyed a game. we'll see how this goes next week! Bollinger might have secured that 3rd spot thanks to that game, but i'm sure he's shown that we made the right choice getting a better backup.

    no need to showcase more of CT and AP, we know they will burn D's all game long. Pinner show'd that upthe middle run style, it'll be intersting how those last seats at RB work out.

    it's almost there.. i bet we end the year happier t hen we start it, and with some excitement!!



    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    the vikes d has forced 14 turnovers in 4 games both the starting running backs have averaged over 5 yards a carry with chester averaging 5.6 jackson had made nice passes at times wade has averaged over 15 yards a catch so those are definately positives.

    BTW i didnt watch the came cuz it wasnt on tv but brian robison got another sack.My question is was it an actual sack or did he swat the ball out of the hand of the qb wich counts as a sack as well?

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    I all have seen is the video on .... have to say that completion from TJack to Rice looked good, as well as Rice's TD catch from Bollinger. He could push Williamson in terms of being the favoured WR to throw to this year.

    The punt return for the TD looked bloody awful, missed tackles and general coverage. This has be to sorted and quick, else we'll be handing games to opponents on that basis alone.

    Good to see that we've come through pre-season with no major injuries, now waiting for the final cut-down and find out who is on the final roster.

    The proof is now what schemes we run in the regular season, up to now we've been able to dismiss various issues as being due to the vanilla pre-season play calling - not anymore we can't, the next time the Vikes take to the field it will be time to show what we can or can't do.
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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    I wont be able to acuratly say how well everything will goes till i get to actual watch a real nfl game.
    Preseason is just that nothing real to judge alot on due to the simple fact that there not playing every quarter for 4 quarters.
    Preseaon is
    there to find out who's going to plug in wear on the depth chart.
    Trainign camp is were
    most of the number 1s are determined.
    Cant wait till Sept 9th.
    I did however bet my boss the vikings would go 9 - 7 or better.
    Its doable if the defense
    is as good as it was last year and the
    passing game si decient

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    Well the preseason is over, and ready or not Atlanta is coming. Our defense will carry us early in the season, and with our running game opening up play-action, I think we are going to have a winning season at least 9-7, possibly better. Tarvaris will settle down and be, along with our recievers way underestimated. Really can't wait to see a real game plan. We've been holding back, and are gonna whip Atlanta. They aren't going to run against us and Harrington is gonna be running for his life. I see a easy week one win.

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    Right now I would say, 6-10, but with some tweaking, 7-9. I hate to be that negative, but with our QB situation, I don't see us above 7-9. With a better QB, we could be a much better team, because all the other pieces are there. Let's face it, QB and WR needs a lot of time to 'synch up', and I don't see us there yet.

    All I can say is, this defense will keep us in a lot of games. I think that there will be games when the defense just scores and makes big plays. I am very optimistic about our defense this year.

    The thing I don't understand about Childress and the Vikes is this: the West Coast offense he is trying to install requires an accurate QB, and Tarvaris is anything but accurate. I see a good defense and a well-coached team, but the QB thing really baffles me.
    still purple, tavaris has probably thrown the equivalent of one full game this preseason and you are convinced he is an inaccurate qb?
    wow, i wish i had your eye.

    with the whole offense it's probably gonna take some time into the season until they really find a rythm but to think we are not gonna move the ball at all is a little premature now.
    as much as everyone likes to compare last years offense to this years, we had no adrian petersen, no athletic qb, and no wrs beside williamson, who couldn't catch, with speed.
    if our defense is as good as it can be the offense may only have to drop 14 on the board and i believe they are capable of that.

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    I was standing outside during half time next to Paul Allen & Pete Berich (I didn't realize they smoked) & Allen said they were given a report that AD tweaked his ankle duting the game.

    He went on to add that because they weren't updated on it again before half time, he felt the injury wasn't serious.

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    There were good and bad.

    The good-

    Sydney rice is making catches that would make Cris Carter proud of him at this young age. I think he could be our best WR by midseason.

    RB's were looking impressive. MeMo had some very hard runs and that run by Fason(Who has never impressed me before) had the most impressive run by a Viking I can remember. That effort was outstanding.

    Holcolm was very good for the most part. He did try to force one that got picked off, but if you look at his timing and the way the ball gets to the receivers in the right place so they don't have to break stride, my guess is that he will be starting at some point this season. I don't consider it a knock on TJ, but TJ to me still doesn't look like he has it down yet. He hasn't made big mistakes that have cost the team, but he doesn't look smooth enough in it yet. And he shouldn't, he was projected as a multi-year project. If he turns out to do well,great. But if he starts to struggle and it turns out he isn't ready, I hope the coach can find a way to sit him and allow him to develop without breaking him.

    Bollinger had a much better game than last week

    Thigpen looked like he would be the best QB we have if he is given the opportunity. He has the poise,the arm, the accuracy and I hope to hell they don't cut him today and lose him before they can get him on the practice squad.They should just flat out cut Bollinger and give him a chance to be a #2 somewhere else.

    Longwell looked good except on his kickoffs.

    The punter looked good for a punter.

    The line is getting better

    The defense had multiple turnovers and is going to be fun to watch this year.

    The bad-

    I think TJ has a ways to go. His down the field accuracy has not been there this year and the short to medium passes are often a bit off target, even if they are caught which limits the effectiveness of the short passing game. On a side note. Man, is he thick, he looks more like a linebacker than a QB.

    Kick coverage. Even though the one that went for a touchdown should have been called back, there is no excuse for him running roughshod over our whole damn team. That was pathetic to watch. It did seem to tighten up toward the end but that was with the retreads on the field so it is hard to take anything away from it.

    I would like to see us be more aggressive inside the 20. Maybe we are holding back for the regular season. Time will tell.

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    Re: Notes on Final Pre-Season Game (vs. Dallas)

    Robison looked great too, a sack and a fumble. I'm excited to watch this guy when he is a starter.

    And I agree with the fact that rice should be the go-to receiver. Ferguson, Rice and Wade.
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