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    Re: NOT a Rosy season please!

    Speaking of Rosy...can we all just give him the pink slip...

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    Re: NOT a Rosy season please!

    Is there anybody on here who likes him?

    Any Rosy fans??

    Admin needs to do a database search for a member with...
    Favorite Player: Mike Rosenthal

    If so, it's got to be the real Mike Rosenthal himself!
    Home Sweet Dome...

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    Re: NOT a Rosy season please!

    I for one real feel a little bit of sadness (not a whole lot mind you) if Rosenthal is let go by the VIKINGS......I have got to watch Mike play since his freshman year of High School football,then during his time at Yoder Dame (inside joke by all us Northern Indiana Irish Haters).
    Just always thouhgt it was kind of cool to see a local kid playing for my favorite team.
    But I will agree Mike does need to go,he is definatly the weak link along the offensive line,but at the same time,if Mike is let go,who will be the #1 backup at ORT ??.....I sure as the hell hope its not the rookie Cook.....the only names that come to mind are Sean Burbin (God I hope not for the sake of the team and for Brads health),Adam Goldberg (much better suited to stay inside where he can't do too awful much damage),Jason Whittle (oh hell NO,once again much better suited to play guard) or (and last but not least) Mark Wilson (who ?????).
    So maybe now that I think about it....maybe its not such a good idea to cut Mike after all....if they can get him to rework his contract then thatr would be a major plus for both Mike & the VIKINGS.
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    Re: NOT a Rosy season please!

    if they could rework his contract for backup numbers, thats fine, but with the numbers we're paying him atm, start him or cut him or its a waste of money, and i for one dont want him started =)

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    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: NOT a Rosy season please!

    I think Liewinski is the only back-up other than Rosenthal that has seen any time at tackle.

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    Re: NOT a Rosy season please!

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "Top_Speed" wrote:
    Rosenthal will make the team possibly? I really want this dud gone! I don't understand why he may make the team. He's the weakest link (O-line) when playing [visable to all including the opposition].

    Sporting news...
    INSIDE DISH: Don't be surprised if veteran RT Mike Rosenthal doesn't make the team. His latest contract pays him like a starter, but the new coaching staff is set on second-year pro Marcus Johnson starting at right tackle. Johnson, a second-round pick in 2005, struggled last season while bouncing between guard and tackle. The new staff wants him to settle at RT
    If he is cut, it will be because of his lack of versatility...he ONLY plays RT, most of the rest of the guys can play G and T...Childress wants that versatility on his OL...Rosey doesn't have it.
    I dont see why this guy can't play any position else. How hard is it to bloack someone. (I know its hard, but why cant you move over 5 eet and do the same thing?)

    I hope we cut him

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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