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    Re: Not a pro/anti Tjack thread but an honest question

    "kevoncox" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    "bleedpurple" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    "Formo" wrote:
    [quote author=DustinDupont link=topic=44882.msg779253#msg779253 date=1210833215]
    [quote author=Formo link=topic=44882.msg779248#msg779248 date=1210829393]
    [quote author=bleedpurple link=topic=44882.msg779088#msg779088 date=1210803024]
    Not when it comes to saying how great of a receiver Bobby Wade is...
    (and trust me Formo... its hard for folks like you to become enlightened, even when presented with a quality argument....
    You don't have to agree but atleast understand the logic behind the argument) All my whole point in the matter was that he can't really get open and that we need an upgrade if we want a better receiving core.. it's the offseason, we're talking about upgrades.. that's what you do in the offseason.. GET BETTER!!!.. I'm not saying he won't get the job done or be serviceable... he will!!!... but we could do better...
    First, I wasn't arguing that Bobby was a great receiver.
    As far at upgrades in the offseason, I would say the Vikings DID upgrade..
    Even at the WR position.
    Did they go after a slot guy?
    Probably because there wasn't another slot guy in FA that was better than Bobby.
    Bobby is definately serviceable..
    Which was my argument.
    I'm not saying there isn't a better slot receiver out there, I know there is.
    But for right now, Bobby will do just fine, whether he shakes coverage or not.

    I don't doubt his contribution to the locker room.. however, if it came between me wanting to see Ferg in the slot versus Wade.. I'm gonna pick Ferg all day... and I believe we should have signed Hackett.. along with BB.. Yall can also bring that up when Hackett has a good year opposite S.Smith.. and i dont wanna hear how good S.Smith is and that's why hackett is ballin..!!! You heard it here first!
    I personally would have liked Hackett, but more so than Bobby?
    Not sure.
    And you say that Bobby is more of a possession receiver.
    I say Ferg is more of a possession receiver.
    And I promise Bobby is faster than Ferg.

    Allow i think wade is a way better slot receiver than ferg, i think ferg is faster...

    Ferg ran a 4.46 wade ran a 4.66
    Yes, in their respective combine..
    Have you seen a Vikings game lately?
    Have you seen Ferg run deep?
    Have you seen how fraggin' slow he was?
    That's what multiple knee surgeries will do to a guy.

    Ferg was faster, now he's not. Wade's got some speed on him. And because of his route running ability, he's a very good slot receiver IMO.

    I've been saying this forever now, "he's a poor-man's Torry Holt."
    Please don't compare Wade to Holt in any way.. poor, wealthy or whatever!!.. They don't play the same at ALL... plus they play different receiving positions as well... no comparison there... with the exception of maaaybe route running..

    But Holt is the / a faaaaar superior route runner...

    Wade is more like a homeless man's Wes Welker..

    Holt earned his receiver spot. No one wants to play the Y if they know they can move up on the depth chart and be the X or Z.

    They both have sure hands, quick feet, good route running ability, and catch the ball well off the slant.
    They're both pretty soft guys, Holt never ever takes hits, and I don't remember Wade taking too many either, then again he's only caught 54 balls at most in a season.

    Torry Holt played his entire career in St Louis, which for most of his 7 years was a pass-first offense, so obviously he's going to see a lot more passes his way than Wade would in Chicago, Tennessee, or Minnesota.

    Neither of them are naturally that talented of guys, I don't know about Wade, but I know that Torry Holt went to a JuCo before he was recruited for a major program, Hargrave Military Academy to be exact. A guy who graduated a year in front of me went there and now plays for Akron.

    I think they're very similar in how they play although Holt is obviously a much better player, and will continue to call Bobby Wade a poor-man's Torry Holt.


    You're smoking that sticky ickey again. Wade is a poor man's poor man. He's a solid slot WR but he doesn't accel in that. Last year was his first season breaking 500yards for hell. He had 3 Tds. What about him makes him like Holt? the fact that he's light skin and black?
    I said exactly what makes them similar. And it was also his first season breaking 50 catches, only his second one breaking 40. He's a slot receiver, 500 yards for 50 receptions about right, so I don't know why you're talking about his numbers. Those are the kind of numbers a slot guy like him should be putting up. He's a Y receiver usually the third option if there are 3 wide outs on the field.

    Why do you continue to bring up race in response to my posts?

    Get that shit out of my face kevon

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    Re: Not a pro/anti Tjack thread but an honest question

    i just want tjack to not fumble the ball from birk when giving it to AP
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Not a pro/anti Tjack thread but an honest question

    What was the honest question?

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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