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    Yeah as that seems very overlooked. Over on more accuracy. Not just with arm strength. Matt Cassel hopefully will mentor young Teddy B!
    NFL 2013 is Here!

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    Just watching pre-season, it appears Teddy has accuracy and a better arm than I thought. The hard part has got to be knowing how it will translate to games against complex defenses and real pressure. We already know how Ponder and Cassel react, and we know how Teddy did in college, but there's no good way to know how Teddy will do until he plays in a real game. Pre-season games will give us a peek into the future, but even those games are glorified scrimmages with vanilla like defenses.
    Given what we know, Ponder is out, Cassel is in but limited, and Teddy is knocking on the door.
    If Teddy tears it up in pre-season games, I think he may start right away. Cassel is the logical starter now, but we all know he is a back up QB.
    Though it is difficult to evaluate, Teddy appears to be doing as well or better than expected so far. It shouldn't be far fetched to think he will beat out the two schmoes he's competing against.

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    I will take accuracy over a big arm any day. Any body remember McLeod Bethel-Thompson?

    I seen him at training camp in 2013, he could throw a country mile but not hit the barn.


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