"VikesFan4Life" wrote:
If Garrett Mills continues to show good promise, ol' Shank-Dog might see reduced playing time.
Too soon to tell right now though.
Yea, I agree, a guy that is 6-1 and 235 lbs is gonna come in and be a every down TE for us.
I really think he will do a great job blocking all the time and don't think his little ass will have any problem helping out the T as the try to stop DL in non passing situations like TE's do.

In fact.
I am gonna email winter park and have them start a trend in the NFL. Lets have all the TE's in the league slim down a bit.
Maybe the DE's will follow suite shortly after the OL will join the trend.

83 Jeff Dugan TE 27 6-4 258 4 Maryland
40 Jim Kleinsasser TE 31 6-3 272 9 North Dakota
45 Garrett Mills TE 24 6-1 235 2 Tulsa
81 Visanthe Shiancoe TE 27 6-4 250 5 Morgan State

Comeon my friend. You gotta put smileys after posts like that so people don't think your actually serious.