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Thread: No confidence.

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    No confidence.

    is it just me or are the vikes in the same boat as my feelings towards them:
    no confidence in this team.

    how could we be this bad?

    the only way the vikes can get my confidence back in them (i mean at this point, we are lucky to go 6-10) is if we score 24+ points on offense for the next couple games.
    we don't even have to win them, just scoring 24 points would be a dream!

    this really sucks a$s.

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    Re: No confidence.

    Wont happen, something is terribly wrong .. and it will take the rest of the season to fix.. we wont win anymore games.. im sorry


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    Re: No confidence.

    Its a new person screwing up every week. Taylors fumble really screwed us and then Brad had to get his turnover in for the game, unfortunately it was when we needed a score. Looks like its time to get a good draft pick

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    Re: No confidence.

    We suck. Okay, thats not enough words to post. We fucking suck.

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    Re: No confidence.

    The Vikings are a pathetic excuse for a football team.
    They didn’t allow Miami a single rushing yard they still can’t win.
    Our offense is even worse than it was in the early 90s when the defense scored all our points.
    We need serious help…we’re a worse-than-average bunch of scrubs who make a mockery of this game…I’ve never been more ashamed of the Purple Gang that I am this year…at least under Tice we were considered contenders…so long Vikings…here’s to the SS Next Year.

    "Meet at the quarterback!" -Purple People Eaters

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    Re: No confidence.

    We won't ever go anywhere with Brad Childress calling the plays. That guy is....the dumbest frog ever. Offensive genuis, please....

    Today we lost the game because of Childress' agian super conservative play calling.
    Because I'm a Vikings fan, they are that much sexier.

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    Re: No confidence.

    To get any offense Childress is going to have to finally sit that STIFF Brad Johnson, include Butterfingers Chester too!
    Childress inherited a pretty good team, no more excuses! ...stay the course, keep losing!

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    Re: No confidence.

    When you run your running back over and over and over he just might get tired and then the possibility of a fumble comes into play.
    They need to mix it up more and be more creative on offense the play calling either sucks or the plays arent executed properly. Andy reid gave up the play calling in philly maybe brad should do the same and concentrate on fixing alot of problems with this team. And since this season is pretty much a wash I think its time for our rookie QB to get some playing time to see what hes got.

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    Re: No confidence.

    There is a good chance we will lose the rest of the season... I hate being pessimistic

    Arizona-Sub-par team, with a rookie qb, we NEED to win this game to prevent the team from going down in a tailspin

    Chicago-Have been on fire, I hate to say they are one of the best teams in the NFC but they are

    Detroit-Roy Williams can inflict some real damage on us, if we win this game I think we could start to pick up and gain some confidence, another crucial game.

    Jets-Have been playing well lately IMO, this game scares me because all the Jet fans around here will torture me if the Vikes lose

    Green Bay-Very winnable, but being inside Green Bay won't help

    St Louis-Could turn into an offensive shootout, unfortunately, we have no offense. On the other hand, on losing seasons we have doing well on the last game

    gol 'darnit this is depressing

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    Re: No confidence.

    Well the season is definitely over... There's only one thing left to do. Bring in a new QB and see what he's got. Not saying Tarvaris but whether its him or Bollinger there has to be change. No point in leaving the 38 year old in there in a rebuilding year..

    If there's a game to start a new quarterback this is it. We play the cardinals this week, probably the worst team in the NFL.

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