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Thread: No Clarett!

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    No Clarett!

    "DiehardVikesFan" wrote:
    Mike Williams knew the consequenses of his decision. I feel no pitty for him or Clarrett.
    i agree

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    No Clarett!

    Good, i'm glad he is out. Maybe he should have gone to his classes in college, maybe he should have FINISHED college, MAYBE he should have stayed IN SHAPE! Maybe he shouldn't have been a retard!
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    No Clarett!

    its hard for me, if your an adult you have a right to make a living but the NFL is a private company so they can not hire you if you are made available. I would probably feel more sorry for the WR from USC, he has more talent and composure than Clarett. I just really dislike Clarett so that is why i voted it was good. I am all for their rights but i would hope they league would not draft the frosh players because of "future upside" like the NBA, they are too young to compete and if we say that for Clarett it has to be aid for all, including Williams
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    No Clarett!

    This could hurt the vikings because Williams would have gone before we would have picked and now since he is gone, everyone else moves up the draft board a spot.

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