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Thread: NO CALL ??

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    NO CALL ??

    Did anyone else notice on that Weird "catch- fumble-catch" for a TD yesterday that the official in the end zone pulled his flag out about the time the ball popped loose? I saw it immediately and was hoping for a flag on Philly. He still had it in his hand I believe, when he signaled for a TD, but he put it back in his pocket at some point. You could see it on the replays- great on one of them- the TV announcers didn't mention it. My 2 boys and me saw it- this was fresh after the 2 Def pass int calls, so our cynicism was running high- we figured he was gonna flag us in case we recovered it.

    Oh well enough whining already... decisions, decisions ...who to pick in the SB... the team I dislike the least- NE...

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    NO CALL ??


    The official was reaching for the beanbag to signal the fumble and grabbed the flag also.

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