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    No Bridge Jumping!

    From a Dolphan! Let me break it down.

    Miami has run on the best defenses in the league. The Jets have put 9 in the box and had Ronnie put down 50 yards on em. The Williams wall still holds true, you just faced the best and it was really 50/50.

    For your Offense, keep in mind that your #1 WR is out. Things will improve with the return of Sidney Rice. If you can go .500 while he's out, you can bet on a post season appearance.

    Miami has a VERY stout run D and Peterson was breaking loose all day. For the love of all things Viking, keep it on the ground for a few weeks and you will win out.

    And Long > Allen. Except when Henne has to run, and he runs left. Allen had a nice stop there. Mini is an amazing team. When Sidney returns, all your hopes and dreams will be answered.

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    Re: No Bridge Jumping!

    Nice post my man

    Dolphs have been my sleeper team for a few years now

    I think they MAY have turned the corner now.. They got a D TD but otherwise really didn't put up that impressive numbers or performance

    They are a team you can't sleep on.. And they took advantage.. I like them and hope they can keep it up and represent the AFC


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    Re: No Bridge Jumping!

    Was that supposed to be some sort of pep talk or something?

    First- We did not face the best run O in the league you did. Our #1 WR is not a franchise player or anything, we just needed someone to step up but nobody did. The Vikings did not play to their potential today and the coaching really did them in. It had much less to do with who we played.

    That being said- Congrats to the Dolphins for showing you don't need to have a blue chipper at every position in order to give your coach the tools to win a game. And yea, Long is a true stud. He basically made Allen a non-factor. I can see why he was worth the 1st overall pick in the draft. You certainly have a keeper there. Congrats once again and good luck the rest of the year.

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    Re: No Bridge Jumping!

    We don't need your sympathy. Leave us in the cold basement alone.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: No Bridge Jumping!

    Thanks. Good Game. You beat us fair and square and despite your modesty I thought the Fins run game was pretty effective against us, even though we got our usual fair share of stops and losses.

    No bridge jumping for me yet, but this is a major "Twins making the playoffs" buzzkill. If they choke and the Vikes don't start to win I'll be looking for the nearest high structure.

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