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    Re: No All-Pro Love for the Vikes

    "GreenBaySlackers" wrote:
    "Potus2028" wrote:
    well.. who cares about all=pro..

    its the pro bowl that matters in this case.. and sharper and k-rob made it...

    not phat pat <scoffs>
    allpro means a lot more than pro bowl, but neither of them matter at all... figure that one out...
    Not this year! :wink:

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    Re: No All-Pro Love for the Vikes

    All-Pro status is overrated, know how I know? ORLANDO THOMAS earned it once! Yeah.... Orlando Thomas.


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    Re: No All-Pro Love for the Vikes

    All-Pro is not overrated ... it really is a sign of the best of the best ... I think it is a much bigger deal than pro-bowler. Sure some people (Orlando Thomas) get to be All-Pros for a season out of nowhere, but it is still a big deal. I mean think about it ... LT is not an all-pro this year, Edge is not, Larry Johnson isn't, Santana Moss isn't, Anquan Boldin, L. Fitzgerald, D.Sharper, Antoine Winfield, Carson Palmer, Strahan, etc.
    There are not many All-Pro spots to give out ... and getting just one is pretty exclusive company.
    Kudos to the all-pros this season ... and here's to K-Rob, Phat Pat, D-Sharp, Winny and Birk making their appearances next year!

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