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Thread: NFL overtime

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    Re:NFL overtime

    C Mac D wrote:
    Zeus wrote:
    Blech. Sorry, but there's nothing wrong with OT in the NFL. It's a man's game. Be a man - stop the other team.

    What if you do stop them, but they call it a first down anyway?

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    Re:NFL overtime

    Midge Resurrected wrote:
    I personally have little problem with the NFL procedure.

    I cannot STAND the NCAA procedure as you flat out start in FG range, which is a joke.

    I would not mind the NFL saying for the playoffs and playoffs only you flat play an entire 10 minute quarter with 3 timeouts each. If still tied, you play another one ... etc.

    Of course you could end up out there forever, but is there really anything better than the NHL Playoffs overtime?
    NHL is sudden death. its easy enough to score, and its easy enough to stop teams from scoring. Contrast that to football, a very offensive sport. Numerous all-time offensive records have been beaten in the past couple years, all because rules make it so its easier to move the ball and score. Offense usually has the advantage in overtime. Having said that, I'm nota huge fan of the college rules either.

    Starting from about the 30 or 25 is fine, since thats fg range for most teams. A team with a strong legged kicker won't have an advantage. perhaps on touchdowns, you HAVE to try for two, would end it much quicker. Also, you'd have to not include stats from ot periods similar to how shootout goals don't count for player stats in the NHL. Otherwise we'd have qb's with 5000 passing yards and 50+ td's in a season regularly

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    Re:NFL overtime

    happy camper wrote:
    I'm fine with the current format. There is a 60 minute game that precedes overtime. The thing about the current overtime, teams do not want to play it. This gives a sense of urgency in regulation.

    The Vikings could have, and should have, prevented overtime in their loss to New Orleans.
    True, but a flip of a coin was involved to a degree. That sucks IMHO

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    Re:NFL overtime

    Winning the coin toss and getting the ball first is no gimme win, by any means. They needed to play defense.

    I don't understand why people are making excuses for the loss. A team shouldn't need the game to be decided by the refs or a coin toss. Not only should have the Vikings beat the Saints, but they should have dominated them, but as they always are in football, the turnovers were an absolute killer. The refs didn't decide this game, this game wasn't unfair because of the coin toss, with those turnovers, the only people who cost the Vikings the game was themselves. These excuses are rediculous, and as a couple other people said; if we would have won, a lot of people would have totally different opinions.

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    Re:NFL overtime

    Years ago in soccer before penalty kicks were introduced some games actually were decided by the toss of a coin. How crap would you feel losing that call?

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    Re:NFL overtime

    I have no major problem with the NFL OT style...first of all you have 60 minutes to win the game and not put yourself in that situation, then you still have the chance to depend on special teams and defense if you lose the toss.

    I hate college rules because they turn a 100 yard field into a 30 yard field or whatever it is.

    If they did make a change in the NFL I'd like to see it be the first team to score 6 points.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Re:NFL overtime

    Prophet wrote:
    I've always hated OT in the NFL. Both teams have a series of battles in the course of the game and the game is tied at the end of the war. Then they flip a fucking coin to see who gets the ball? Work your ass off and leave everything on the field and then it's like....ah, well, it's tied, let's flip a fucking coin and see who wins. I think it's pathetic. At least have an extra quarter and let them duke it out. The coin flip is ridiculous.

    p.s. as long as i'm bitching, wtf is the point of having instant replays when they don't work much of the time? How the hell can I see 6 different angles in super slow mo, take a piss, make a sandwich, get a beer, and then have the highly trained refs who get paid to analyze the tape concentrate on nothing but that and still get the call wrong? It should never be wrong on an instant replay. I'm for instituting the death penalty on bad calls reviewed on instant replay. I mean this is the 21st century, i can take a picture of a the inside of a vacuole and you can't get a call right on a football field with high definition super slow mo multiple angles when that is what you're trained to do? wtf?
    I agree!!!

    Mighty fine post,, I mean Prophet.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    Re:NFL overtime

    NFL overtime is stupid. It should be sudden death once each team has a chance to score in overtime. Or even saying the game can only end on the first drive if it results in a touchdown would be better.

    Teams do not even try to score touchdowns in overtime and it's stupid. Anything that encourages people to attempt to score a touchdown in overtime will greatly improve the game.

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    Re:NFL overtime

    NFL overtime is without a doubt the best way to do overtime in football.

    This last game was a classic example. Hell, the Saints needed three questionable calls, a 4th down conversion, and a PI penalty just to get into FG range.

    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re:NFL overtime

    There is nothing wrong with the NFL overtime. Over the years, it has balanced out and really the coin toss means nothing. But, if you want the ball, just pick tails because it it tails every time.

    In saying that...

    Tad7 wrote:
    If they did make a change in the NFL I'd like to see it be the first team to score 6 points.
    This is actually the first suggestion that I really like. Call the commissioner.
    We're bringing purple back.

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