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    Re: the nfl network is kissing..

    "JohnnyBGoode" wrote:
    wow dude, u are now using other teams players to take a shot at the packers...that desperate? so sad
    desperate was the Packs last playoff game :wink:

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    Re: the nfl network is kissing..

    "AngloVike" wrote:
    Harris poll for this past season:
    1) Green Bay 18%
    2) Dallas 14%
    3) New England 12%

    which means that 56%of those polled couldn't give a flying fig for the Packers.
    As for being one of the more popular teams in the league.... where were all the packer fans when you sucked so much in the 90's ??? more chance of finding WMD's than packer backers at that time.
    One final point, if the pack are so popular then why did the NFL not have them appear at Wembley back in '83. Surely the league would have wanted the #1 team when trying to sell the game to a new market.... ooops they did, they sent the Vikes :bootyshake:
    Now THIS was a good reply (Although, it would be 82% that don't give a fig for the Packers...only 18% for...the other 26% came from Dallas and New England fans who are not buying Packer gear).

    But the Wembly point was quite telling. The Packers are only on the current popularity wave...and fading. Favre - as Los points out - has been the driving force behind the majority of that. Once he's gone, and Green Bay is back in the cellar, their "Fans" will find a new "America's Team" to cheer for.

    Just so long as they stay OFF the Viking bandwagon. No room for fair-weather fans here.


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