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    NFL Fantasy Projections

    Mn is too low and Green Bay too HIGH other than
    that it really doesn't matter much. I just wish
    August would get here.
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

    Cops say they have nothing to go on.

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    NFL Fantasy Projections

    That stuff is totally bogus. SF will compete with SD in being the worst team in the league. Steelers will not finish above .500. No way TB finishes with 14 wins, or the Bengals only win 3 or ATL 2.

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    NFL Fantasy Projections

    The Eagles will battle the Cowboys in the race for division and I think that the Cowboys will make it with Vinny and Drew and Quincy and their tough defense next year.
    Go Vikes!

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    NFL Fantasy Projections

    Seattle, Washington, Cincinnati and Miami will all do much better than that.

    I agree you can't make predictions based on fantasy players...New England and Carolina didn't have many fantasy studs and look how they ended up.
    "Meet at the quarterback!" -Purple People Eaters

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    NFL Fantasy Projections

    Vikings= 11-5 or higher that's all that matters to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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