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    Big Daddy called Texpack a "morin" in typing error in a post. Texpack was using it to make a point and to dig at Big Daddy
    I understand that whack. I think you need to look at my post a little closer. I was pointing out that Tex in making fun of the misspelling of moron, did so by using incorrect grammar, thereby reinforcing the point by bigdaddy that he is in fact a "morin". :roll: sheesh
    You see it was an attempt at humor on my part pointing out that Tex obviously didn't proof read his post before hitting submit. It just struck me as ironic and funny at the time.
    Unless you are trying to say that Tex made the grammatical error on purpose in order to poke fun at his point? However, I suspect that isn't the case because, as we all know, Packer fans just aren't that clever. :bootyshake:


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    Brett Favre, Brett Favre,Brett Favre, Brett Favre. This is all anyone reports about the Packers. Hey all you dumb-ass sports reporters how about Ahman Green??????????????????????????????. He is the reason the Packers win anything. Look at last year, evey game the packers won was because of Green and every game that the packers lost was because of Favre. With the exception of the Oakland game which Favres father won. I never in my life have seen anyone just heave the ball up into triple coverage and complete it evey time.. If I was Ahman Green I would be saying wheres the love for me. Without him the packers go 7-9 maybe. With him and without Favre they go 9-7 or better. I am not saying Favre is not good nor that he never has been, he is for sure a first shot hall of famer but he is no longer that type of QB, there are more than a few QB's aroung the league that they could plug in and get the same results.

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    Favre isn't the quarterback he was, though neither was Elway in his mid-30's. What happened with Elway was an offense was built around him that allowed him to not have to make so much happen himself. He had an all-pro O line, Terrell Davis in his prime, some awfully good receivers, and one of the best TE's in history.

    I'm not equating the 2004 Packers to the 1997 Broncos, but the Packers do have one of the best O Lines in the league, and possibly the best 1-2 RB tandems in the league.

    Where we fall short of the Broncos is at WR, though there is a lot of optimism this year for Walker and Ferguson, and while we have an All-Pro TE, Bubba ain't no Shannon Sharpe in his prime.

    My point is that I agree with you. This team isn't all about Favre, but the offense is being retooled much in the mold of those 90's Broncos. It was good enough to win 2 Super Bowls for them, so its a nice road map to follow. Favre will be allowed to play to his strengths, not his weakness, which has always been to try and win games himself. He no longer has to, which is actually bad news for the Vikes.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    He didnt really have much of an arguement for the Packers to win the division other than writing "Favre" alot.
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