Ok, so I picked up this fantasy football magazine and found it to be very interesting, especially considering it comes directly from our friends at NFL.com. Anyways, there is an article in it called "Comback Kids." It says under it, "These are the Guys We Think Will Bounce Back (or emerge) in 2006."

I found it particularly interesting that there was a Vikings player in almost every position (minus team defenses and tight ends).

-Brad Johnson, Minnesota
Brad Johnson meets Brad Childress and his West Coast offense. Under childress, Donovan McNabb has averaged 33 pass attempts per game. Last year Johnson was on pace with 32.6 attempts in his nine starts. With Daunte Culpepper out of the way, Johnson will pass more than 500 times and should connect for 22-25 touchdowns. Childress likes the short passing attack and check-downs to the backs, so Johnson should have an excellent TD-to-interception ratio.

Running Backs
-Chester Taylor, Minnesota
Chester was hand-picked by Childress and he will get every oppurtunity to be the "bell cow" back. Taylor will stay on the field in every down-and-distance situation. He is explosive through the hole as a runner and is an underrated reciever. I believe he has a very good chance to generate colose to 1,500 yards of total offense.

Wide Recievers
-Koren Robinson, Minnesota
With Nate Burleson gone, Robinson has a clear path to the starting position. Robinson had 78 catches for 1,240 yards back in 2002 and he's a much better player now. He went to the Pro Bowl last year as a special teams player, and he will have the numbers to be considered as a reciever this year.

(Skip TE)

-Ryan Longwell, Minnesota
Ryan now kicks indoors at teh Metrodome rather than outside at chilly, windy Lambeau Field. He was only 20 of 27 last year, but this season he will have closer to 30 field-goal attempts, and he should be successful closer to 25 times."

Keep in mind that they only rated 2 players per position. NFL.com sure is looking for the Vikz to do something this year.

By the way, Sorry if this should've been posted in the Fantasy Football forum, but I thought this was more related to the status of the team.