"GreenBaySlackers" wrote:
I like the bengals, good turnaround job Lewis did!

Philly and Atlanta. Philly was the first NFL team I ever liked. I was a huge Cunningham fan. When he left and came to Minnesota, that is when the vikes became my favorite and the eagles dropped to #2. Everyone tells me I started liking the vikes that year, because they went 15-1, but it actually was because my all time favorite player(cunningham) was the QB and also they drafted the FREAK. I still like Philly, even though they have been a boring team to watch for a while now, hopefully Owens will make them a little more exciting to watch. I like Atlanta because of one man and one man only, MIKE VICK. There is no other football player, or any sports player, that I would rather watch play. Atlanta finally got another play I like in the draft this year, his old teammate, DeAngelo Hall.