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    We got Spencer Johnson undrafted rookie free agent.....Hes mainly the reason why Hovan was deactivated last game.

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    "vikes09" wrote:
    on the topic of hovan..... what do u think the vikes should do w/ a guy like him? im impressed w/ kevin williaims and steve martins in his 9th year, hes gettin kinda old.... do u go 4 someone in the draft or free agency or do u keep hovan?? ur predictions.

    go vikes!!!
    Tice Quote:

    Reporter: What is the situation with Chris Hovan?
    Tice: We'll find out. I'm not going to discuss that situation at all. We're going to look at the productivity of the group we had out there yesterday, look at their efficiency and see if that's the 7 guys we want to go with or if we make a change, would we be more productive. Right now I'm trying to find players that are going to be productive for us, minimize mental mistakes. And right now as a head coach that's my focus regardless of what position that might be, running back, defensive line, linebackers, and safeties. Sometimes it is what it is and you can't make a change and you battle your way through it. Other times you might have somebody that deserves the opportunity because he's performing very well in practice and you want to see i.e. Spencer Johnson. You want to see what the young man can do in the game and then when he gets his chance it's up to him. It's not up to us anymore. Some guys take the opportunities and seize it and frankly some guys don't.

    Snow(that's me): It sounds like Hovan is on the way out. Tice doesn't sound like he wants to answer this one without talking to Hovan. Like I said in a previous post, I like Hovan but the coaching staff has done about all they can to help motivate him. During that Eagles/Vikes game they had Tice in practice saying let's not confront Hovan in front of others. Then later in the year he challenges him publically. Then doesn't start him for a game. Finally they don't even suit him up. Honestly where do you go from here?

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    "Calmwind" wrote:
    BTW...we are 4-1 against the AFC!!
    you mean 3-1 we only play 4 afc teams

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    No offense Hovan, but what are you going to do when Hovan isn't a viking next year?

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Don't ask me to name the teams but I remember 8-8 teams making the playoffs.
    That got me a little curious so I looked up the records of past wild card teams (from 1978-present when the schedule was expanded from 14 games to 16).

    Other than in strike-shortened seasons, no team below .500 has ever made the playoffs but four 8-8 teams have made the playoffs. The Vikings also made the playoffs with 8 wins in 1987 when the schedule was shortened from 16 games to 15 due to a player's strike.

    1990 New Orleans Saints [8-8]
    1991 New York Jets [8-8]
    1999 Dallas Cowboys [8-8]
    1999 Detroit Lions [8-8]
    *1987 Minnesota Vikings [8-7]

    Strike shortened schedule from 16 games to 15

    As the result of a 57-day players' strike, the 1982 NFL regular season schedule was reduced from 16 games to 9. At the conclusion of the regular season, the NFL conducted a 16-team postseason Super Bowl Tournament. Eight teams from each conference were seeded 1-8 based on their records during the season.

    As a result of the shortened schedule and expanded playoffs, two below .500 teams made the playoffs that year.

    1982 Cleveland Browns [4-5]
    1982 Detroit Lions [4-5]

    While I was at it I also looked up some other wild card facts. The wild card teams with the best records:

    1999 Tennessee Titans [13-3]
    *1987 New Orleans Saints [12-3]
    13 teams tied [12-4]

    *Strike shortened schedule from 16 games to 15

    Wild-card teams that have played in the Super Bowl:

    2000 Baltimore Ravens - (Def. N.Y. Giants, 34-7)
    1999 Tennessee Titans - (Lost to St. Louis, 23-16)
    1997 Denver Broncos - (Def. Green Bay, 31-24)
    1992 Buffalo Bills - (Lost to Dallas, 52-17)
    1985 New England Patriots - (Lost to Chicago, 46-10)
    1980 Oakland Raiders - (Def. Philadelphia, 27-10)

    Playoff formats since NFL-AFL merger:

    1970-1977 - One wild card, three division champs per conference (4 per conference)
    1978-1989 - Two wild cards, three division champs per conference (5 per conference)
    1990-2001 - Three wild cards, three division champs per conference (6 per conference)
    2002-Present - Two wild cards, four division champs per conference (6 per conference)
    Don't ask why I ended up writing this much I just kept finding out new facts and wrote them down for my own benefit. A half hour of my life wasted.

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