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    Re: NFC Champion Poll - You know who to vote for.

    "natethegreat" wrote:
    "PhillyVikes" wrote:
    At least we are on the list!!!!!!

    Go Vikes!!!!
    yeah true dat, i like being the underdog though
    i voted from three different computers in my house!!!! GO VIKINGS

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    Re: NFC Champion Poll - You know who to vote for.

    I love being the underdog. I wish we were last on the voting poll.

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    Re: NFC Champion Poll - You know who to vote for.

    "purplepat" wrote:
    Hey, nothing personal....I bleed as much purple blood as anyone here....but the poll has it about right. Assuming TO doesn't melt down in the middle of the year, the Eagles are just as strong as they were last season and should be the favorites. Don't let the departure of Corey Simon fool you...coaches thought he was out of shape and was replaceable by the other talent they had there. And if any of you saw the Panthers during the second half of the season last year, you know what they are capable of (and that was still missing a bunch of players). Yes, Muhammed is gone but Steve Smith is back, Keary Colbert has a good year under him, and Rod Gardner isn't chopped liver. With Nick Goings proving himself last year and Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster returning from injury, the Panthers should have a potent running game to go with a good passing attack. Add that to an already strong defense, especially the front seven, and you have a team with all the pieces in place for a title run.

    If the Vikings had come out in the preseason with the first teamers showing they could run the ball effectively, and the first team defense had shut down the opponents, I would feel much stronger about the Vikings title hopes than I do now. Now Birk is lost for the year, the running game has been less than impressive and three of the top four backs are nicked up, and the defense (while improved) hasn't been all that impressive. They should win the NFC North, but I think they'll have to beat the Panthers or the Eagles (or both) to advance to the Super Bowl. And should one or both of those games be on the road, it will be very tough indeed.
    the eagles are not as strong as you may think. They cut freddy mitchell, they lost todd pinkston to injury and who knows if TO's even gonna play. Who does that leave for McNabb to throw to? Lewis? McMullen? a rookie (brown i think)? McNabb's #2 target (assuming TO is playing) is gonna be Westbrook. the madden curse is having an early effect. They have very little depth at RB so if Westbrook goes down they are SCREWED.

    IF the vikings can get the best record in NFC they don't have to play on the road, so they'll be playing in a dome all playoffs (where they're strongest) and then in Detroit (another dome) for superbowl XL.

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