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    Next Year's Home Schedule

    Depending on who wins Sunday, the Vikings already know seven of their eight opponents at home in 2006. Still to be decided is who finishes second in the NFC South -- the Buccaneers or Panthers. That team will join the Bears, Packers, Lions, Rams, Cardinals, Patriots and Jets as the home portion of the Vikings 2006 schedule.
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    Re: Next Year's Home Schedule

    That doesn't seem like a terrible schedule, but we obviously don't know what any of those teams look like for next year.

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    Re: Next Year's Home Schedule

    We play the AFC East this year. Every team rotates through the opposite confernce divsions each year:

    4 Games

    2003: AFC West
    2004: AFC South
    2005: AFC North
    2006: AFC East

    Then, we play the NFC West. We rotate these Divisions each year:

    3 Games

    2003: NFC West
    2004: NFC East
    2005: NFC South
    2006: NFC West

    Then we play the other 3 teams who finished 2nd (like us) in their Division:

    3 Games

    Up in the air for now.

    6 Division games

    That all equals 16 games my friends.

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