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    Newcomers - Week 1

    My weekly analysis on the Vikings new additions:


    Nafahu Tahi - I was surprised Tahi was on the active roster over Moore. I was also surprised Childress plans to use Tahi as a tailback. Cutting Pinner and Fason looks bad, but not as bad if you think of it that way. Tahi touched the ball twice, just to give AD a rest. No miscues so I really can't complain. I would still like to see Moore in there, but I recognize Tahi's valuie on ST.
    Grade: C

    Bobby Wade - Wade had the task of facing coverage from D.Hall all day. TJ also chose to spread the ball around instead of continuing the preseaon-establshed trend of Wade as his favorite target. When all was said and done, Wade had one incompletion which had the defender draped all over him. For him to make that catch would have been incredbile. His only catch was a 28 yarder in which he was wide open, suggesting good route running. Wade also returned punts, but did nothing special, nor had any miscues.
    Grade: B-

    Visanthe Shiancoe - Shiancoe had a relatively quiet day, providing a big target and safety valve for TJ on the underneath routes. I want to blast him because he was supposed to be a TE who could stretch the field, but that would be unfair at this point in the season. I like how he got an early catch for a first down, and I don't fault him on the INT because that ball is caught maybe 1% of the time.
    Grade: C+

    Chad Greenway - Studly day by this guy. He was excellent on blitzes and flew to the ball all game long. If this guy puts in that kind of effort every week, we have a hall of famer on our hands. He can only get better. Room for improvement exists on coverage, and I would like to see a sack or two. Napolean who?
    Grade: A


    Aundrae Allison - It was nice to see Allison get some playing time. It was also nice to see TJ target the rookie instead of Ferguson. Allison only catch led to a Vikings first down on a well executed slant route. I would like to see him develop some return skills for special teams.
    Grade: C+

    Marcus McCauley - When it comes to a rookie DB playing in his first game, McCauley played really well. Nothing stellar, but the fact that he is good enought to allow Winfield to cover the slot is really mind boggling . I think I saw a missed tackle, but otherwise no caomplaints of what was a solid day.
    Grade: B

    Brian Robison - For a rookie to split time with 3 other guys, play on both sides of the line, and get 2 sacks is just awesome. He was exactly what we drafted: a stellar situational pass rusher. With our D, he doesn't need to be an every down guy, but I wonder if he will develop into that type of player. Still, I can't expect anything more from this guy this season.
    Grade: A+

    Sidney Rice - I think he and Bobby Wade had very similar days, but there are higher expecations for Wade. Rice had that one incompletion out of bounds. Maybe Cris Carter makes that catch, but not in his rookie year he doesn't. Rice showed good abilities, getting open and getting up to catch a high ball. Too bad he didn't come down in bounds. TJ hit Rice on the first drive of the game, but short of the 1st down. The second connection was good for a new set of downs. We did not get into the red zone on Sunday, but I can't wait to see this guy when we are inside the 20.
    Grade: B

    All Day - Anyone who watched that game was impressed. It's hard to believe a rookie can step in for an injured vet and just dominate like that. Not much more really needs to be said.
    Grade: A+
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Newcomers - Week 1

    Thanks for the write up, it is nice to see Greenway in there playing more like a veteran than a rookie...especially since that was his first NFL regular season game, ever.
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