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    newbie to the site


    Guns don t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.

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    Re: newbie to the site

    "pepper 0n moss" wrote:
    hey guys ... got a newbie vike fan down here ... i never took the initiative to sign up but i finally did and i'm looking forward to o3-o4
    welcome "pep", you mean 04-05, right? I hope so because im still trying to forget 03-04!

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    newbie to the site

    lol... no kidding... please don't make me relive last year!

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    newbie to the site

    was i the only one that cried when that happened? ops: ... me and my best friend [a fudge packer fan] was at a sports bar full of mullet sportin, obnoxious favre fans, watching the game and i was talkin alot of shit when we had that 11 pt lead ... damn nathan poole

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