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    New Vikings Stadium - Marketing 101

    Someone had mentioned, as part of another discussion, that "Most fans don't want to pay big-buck ticket prices to freeze their arses off." I say to all Viking fans: look no further than Denver and Green Bay. I used to live in Denver and nothing was more energizing than going to Mile High, sitting in the south stands, freezing and watching the other team get gassed from the altitude. Their new stadium? Open air. Sold out? You can't sell your soul for a ticket at times (even before the Super Bowl victories, like when I lived there). The accountants and financial guys are missing the about letting an ol' Marketing expert take a crack at it.

    Marketing 101 for Red, the State, and enterprising developers:

    What is bigger to Minnesota sports than the Vikings? Nothing. Not even betting when the truck on frozen Lake Bemidji will fall through the ice (sometime in June). Who really cares about the Wild or Timberwolves when its football season? Red owns the hearts of Minnesotans with this team...hell even me and I never lived there (my dad was born and raised in the Minneapple so I bleed purple through genetics).

    Why not build what everyone knows is down deep in the hearts of Minnesotans and football fans in general? Red and the state of Minnesota need to build the "Camden Yards" of football. Nobody has done it in the NFL yet! Baseball has capitalized on the nostalgic feelings of fans, why not the NFL? What is more heart-warming to football fans then old school gridiron film of a bloody Dick Butkus (or more importantly, Jim Marshall), puffing out clouds of breath, ripping up grass with his cleats on his way to pulverize the opposing QB? The new "Metropolitan Stadium" - Old-school stadium look, brick, grid-iron accents, open, visual, grass, strong, imposing, modern underneath, (warm skyboxes for the rich pussies), plenty of room for tailgating - hell, encouraging-room for tailgating, warehouse-looking lofts all around it, microbreweries, steak houses, parks, lakes, brown-stone looking neighborhoods, top schools, large oak and birch trees with river-rock gardens simulating Minnesota nature and woodlands all around, a true football experience that embodies the High School game nights on the cold bleachers, to Notre Dame-like, old college campus brick and mortar, culminating on the top with the ultimate destination - the NFL. A stadium neighborhood that celebrates football AND Minnesota, old times, quality and pays tribute to all of its roots. Best of all: the Vikings and Minnesota have the "brand" right to do it. The Vikings brand has old school roots - like the Bears and the Pack. That formidable, cold, dingy old Met and the Purple People Eaters embodied the spirit of football. The beauty of the state's lakes, rivers, birch forests, snow-covered prairies and cities defines Minnesota. Rebuild the spirit of the old Met and the Purple People Eaters and surround it with the essence of Minnesota.

    Now, do you think people would come to a place like this to see a game? How much money do you think people would pay to see a game in a stadium like this...or how about even entertain or live in an area like this? It would keep the Vikes in Minnesota and make investors, the community and the state a lot of money. If you have any doubts, go to Chicago's Wrigleyville. Even when the Cubs suck (which is 90% of the time) the stadium is packed and the community is bustling. It's selling an experience, a feeling, a love, not just a football team. If you agree, send this to as many Viking fans as possible before another sterile, diaper-dome is built!
    The Warmest Displaced Viking Fan

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    New Vikings Stadium - Marketing 101

    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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