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    Re: New Vikings Stadium. Is it a HIT or MISS?

    "aceclown" wrote:
    The disign of the actual stadium is not set in stone. Since the original disign (the one we see) Wilf has gone to Seattle and other stadiums, and is still working with architects on the design for the stadium. And speaking of stadium, it just became that much more important as the CBA deal is down the tubes. Without a salary cap, the new stadium will allow us to be like the yankees of football, until then, we are like the twins in terms of revenue.

    A CBA will be complete long before a new stadium opens.

    Also we would still be a small market even with a new stadium, just less small.

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    Re: New Vikings Stadium. Is it a HIT or MISS?

    "purpleFavreEaters" wrote:
    Its going to happen. A secret agency has been buying up all kind of land in Blaine. This is a fact. Just wait and see we will be getting our new stadium, from what I hear Ziggy plans to not only build the stadium but basicaly build a mini city around it and make a huge profit.
    Been saying this all along. (Not necessarrily a mini city but several businesses around it). People think he's being generous with his $260 mil donation towards the lstadium, but in the long run, he stands to make much more out of it & the businesses he builds around it. :wink:

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