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    New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    [size=18px]New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers [/size]

    by Jeff Fedotin,
    posted 11/17/2005

    You would think the Green Bay Packers would relish facing the Minnesota Vikings without their three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

    But the Packers know the Vikings new starter, 14-year veteran Brad Johnson, who earned the role after Culpepper tore three knee ligaments on Oct. 30, presents his own challenges.

    "They're a different team. You've got to prepare for a different guy. So it somewhat gives them the edge," cornerback Al Harris said. "We know what we're getting with Daunte. With Brad we haven't faced him a lot."

    From 1992 to 1999 Johnson went through his first stint with the Vikings, playing the Packers twice-a-year. But none of the current Packers defensive players were with the team during that era.

    But as they watch tape, the Packers are quickly learning some of the attributes Johnson brings to the table. He has great leadership skills honed while guiding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the XXXVII Super Bowl title. Johnson also has a quick release and a keen ability to read the defense. With that knowledge he will make more audibles, changing the play from pass to run or vice versa, than Culpepper.

    "Obviously Daunte is and has been the leader of that football team," Head Coach Mike Sherman said. "But Brad has come in and done a nice job of managing the game for them and been accurate."

    Indeed Johnson has thrown three touchdowns and zero interceptions on the season while Culpepper threw twice as many interceptions as touchdowns. One could argue that Johnson had served as a steadying influence, quarterbacking the team to back-to-back wins.

    The Packers defense, however, will have two less things to worry about. Johnson does not possess the arm strength of Culpepper or stretch the field in the same way. Culpepper averaged 7.2 yards-a-completion while Johnson averages 5.5.

    "The short passing game is his forte," Vikings head coach Mike Tice said.

    Johnson is not the scrambling threat of the man he replaced either. Culpepper burned the Packers for 41 rushing yards on seven carries during their last meeting on Oct. 23, but the 37-year old Johnson has only topped that mark during an entire season four times.

    "We're not going to have a whole lot of quarterback draws in our system," Tice said.

    Although the Packers will tweak their defensive schemes according to each quarterback, they will not drastically change their gameplan.

    "We just play our foundation," safety Mark Roman said. "That's the way we go out and attack people. We're not just trying to go out there each and every week and invent a whole bunch of new schemes. We'll keep it pretty textbook and do what we do."

    As usual the Packers defense will focus on stopping the running game first. For the Vikings that consists of the two-headed attack of Mewelde Moore and Michael Bennett.

    When it comes to stopping to the passing game, the Packers know that while Johnson has never thrown for 4,717 yards and 39 touchdowns like Culpepper did last year, he has played in two Pro Bowls.

    "It's not that Brad is a better quarterback than Daunte or Daunte's a better quarterback than Brad," Harris said. "They're two different guys, and you really can't compare the two."

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    From The Mercury News;
    Posted on Fri, Nov. 18, 2005

    [size=18px]Brad Johnson avoids costly miscues for Vikings[/size]

    Knight Ridder Newspapers

    ST. PAUL, Minn. - He won't win any MVP awards, and eye-popping passing numbers are the stuff of wishful thinking.

    But Brad Johnson already is helping the Vikings turn their season around by following the first rule of replacing a Pro Bowl starting quarterback:

    Don't mess up.

    "If you throw picks and turn the ball over, you are going to lose,' said the 14th-year NFL veteran. "Sometimes you have to force it and bad things happen. For the most part I just try and make the right decision.'

    It has worked well enough for a 2-0 record since he took over as the starter for injured Daunte Culpepper, who underwent season-ending knee surgery this week.

    While Johnson hasn't exactly inspired visions of fireworks with his production - he passed for just 11 yards in the first half Sunday against the New York Giants - he has played a significant role in each of those victories because he hasn't thrown an interception.

    In fact, he doesn't have one in 81 attempts this season. That's the most attempts without an interception in the NFL this year, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

    "That's his thing,' said Vikings tight end Jermaine Wiggins, the team leader in receptions and receiving yards. "He's been in the league a long time. He likes to get the ball out of his hand quick, and he's not going to put himself in a bad situation.'

    That was an easily overlooked key to the Vikings' final-minute victory over the New York Giants in New Jersey on Sunday - a game in which the defense scored a touchdown and the special teams scored two, along with the winning field goal.

    "If we would have gone out there and gave the turnovers back it probably would've been a different story,' Vikings coach Mike Tice said. "It is a big, big important thing for him to protect the football.'

    In large part because he did that Sunday, the Vikings earned their first road victory since last year's wild-card playoff game at Green Bay. And as they prepare for another trip to Green Bay for Monday's first game at Lambeau since then - looking to push their record to .500 for the first time this season - Johnson figures to be in the spotlight again, if not on the marquee.

    "Turnovers and lack of turnovers in this league are the stats that will never go away,' Tice said. "Those are the most important stats in winning and losing in this league and have been longer than I've been in the league.'

    Consider that the Packers (2-7 this year) have committed only one turnover while taking away eight combined in their two victories this season, including in Sunday's victory over Atlanta. They have a minus-14 turnover margin in their seven losses.

    The Vikings, on the other hand, were a dismal 27th in the NFL in turnover ratio before Johnson took over. Their plus-6 margin in the past two games has lifted them into a tie for 17th at minus-2 for the season.

    The biggest difference is at quarterback. Although Culpepper is the more explosive offensive player, he also turned the ball over 15 times, including 12 interceptions, in his seven starts.

    Johnson has one turnover in his two starts, a fumble against Detroit two weeks ago.

    That could make a difference Monday night, especially if the weather starts freezing the offenses.

    "The main word that comes to mind when I think about Brad is `smart,' " said Vikings safety Darren Sharper, a nine-year veteran and former Packer who picked off three passes against the Giants. "He makes all the proper decisions. I played against Brad many times when he was with Tampa, and every time we went against him in the playoffs, I said, `Man, I'm not looking forward to this. I know I'm not going to get that many opportunities to get interceptions because he doesn't make too many mistakes.' '

    Even when Johnson quarterbacked the Buccaneers' Super Bowl champion three seasons ago, he was an understated, often overshadowed part of a team that built its success on the backs of the No. 1 defense in the NFL.

    On the other hand, he had just six passes intercepted all season for a Bucs team that finished with a plus-17 turnover margin.

    "It plays a huge factor in every game,' said Johnson of limiting mistakes, a conscious part of his conservative approach. "I think it has to be. Whatever uniform I've been in I tried to take pride as far as making the right read, making the throw and staying away from bad plays.'

    Just like playing golf, he said.

    "You hit fairways and greens, you get your par,' he said. "Your problem's when you hit it in the woods, and you try to make a great shot out of the woods. ... Take the par and put it in your pocket.'

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    so much to read....

    well i think brad will lead us to a victory.

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    dont u guys mean our old new qb lol?

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    I hope the running game clicks and brad can mix in some play-action.
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    Good read.
    I think Big J is just what we need right now. He's not explosive but he's steady and savvy.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    "Paulbedy59" wrote:
    I hope the running game clicks and brad can mix in some play-action.
    that sounds like the plan, since we activated Fontoi and sat Liwenski. i can't wait to the running attack, if it clicks at all the game is going to be ours i'd say :grin:

    I can't freaking wait for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKOL VIKINGS

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    When we beat the Pack, it will be par for the course! LOL

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    Two articles on Brad not having arm strength and being able to throw the long ball. My spys tell me that's exactly what he'll do at least a couple of times in this game if the upfront blocking on the "O" line holds up.
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: New Vikings Quarterback Still Poses Threat To Packers

    I am glad we have BJ for the backup. He is a step above Trent Dilfer in the 'just don't screw up' and 'older QBs sporting rings' categories. He is a more effective passer than Dilfer and has the experience. He didn't toss many INTS (6) the year he led TB to the Big Dance, but the following year he tossed for 26 TDs and 21 INTs but still had a QB rating of 81.5. Now he's a journeyman, and a good one at that.

    It really appears that the running game will be the focus on Monday night and if BJ can lead the team down the field like he did in the last series against the Jints we will all be happy. The Vikes will need to keep the ball out of Favre's' hands.

    I'm sure Madden has promised Favre a late night rendezvous if he has a good night. None of us want to hear about that.

    Destroy the Pack.

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