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    New Stadium Ideas

    What do you guys think that a Vikings stadium should have. Approximent capacity, roof, turf, sponsered name and other things. Also things that set the Stadium apart from the others like in Arizona where the D-Backs have a swimming pool in the outfield and the giant slide in Milwaukee.

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    New Stadium Ideas

    I think we should have Viking ships and have Viking swords somewhere.
    VIKINGS are KINGS of the NFC North

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    New Stadium Ideas

    I'd like to see it named after a person or place. Whatever happened to those days? Oh yeah, corporate sponsorship! The worst thing is when places like Enron Field have to change their name because the company went belly-up. I'd like to avoid that embarrassment, but money talks. I'd hate to see it called Best Buy Field. Ohh, the humanity! I propose Nagurski Field. Strong image for a stadium named after one of Minnesota's best athletes ever. What an honor. It's a football stadium for Chr*st's sake not a blue light special on isle 5!

    . . . the more I think about it the better it sounds
    . . . Nagurski Field
    . . . Nagurski Field!
    . . . NAGURSKI FIELD!!

    Either the new home of the Vikes or the Gophs should be called that!
    "Veni, Vidi, Vikings!"--Julius Caesar

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    New Stadium Ideas

    capacity: a million, so we can fit enought people in to pay for it, and so we can get tickets easier.

    turf: doesn't matter itll be covered in Moss anyway .. actually it's gotta be grass.

    im against a corporate name too.

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    New Stadium Ideas

    Here's some ideas for names

    1. The New Metropolitan
    2. Bud Grant Stadium
    3. The Longboat
    4. Vikings Field
    5. Valhalla
    Faster than a speeding Grady Jackson! More powerful than a Nick Barnett! Able to leap Ahmad Carroll in a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It s a bird! It s a plane! It s Jermaine Wiggins!

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    New Stadium Ideas


    It'll probably be something stupid like K-Mart field. Damn greedy bastards these days.
    God Bless America, & the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

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    New Stadium Ideas

    I'd like to see a retractible roof, or no roof for that matter, so that the Vikings can play at least some games outdoors again. As for the seating, well, I just want it loud. I want the visiting team to be able to feel the fans cheering for the Vikes. As for the name, well, it's going to be a corporate name. You can pretty much count on that. Since I don't live in the area, I'm not sure what companies have their HQ in Minneapolis, and most sponsorships come from local companies who want their name associated with the area. What are some of the big companies up there?

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    New Stadium Ideas

    how about playmaker arena? i like that name
    so yeah eatingpieinbed some friends of mine

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    New Stadium Ideas

    Playmaker arena sounds good, but when I think of an arena I think of basketball. I really do like that name though!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    New Stadium Ideas

    I love the idea of a retractable roof for outdoor games as long as the weather isnt 30 degrees or raining or snowing. Watching the game in that isnt the problem but I dont care for the game being determined by the weather and field and not the players.

    I would like to see 80000. If the Mich Wolverines can have 102k in for a college game then the Vikings should be able to get 80k.

    I hate to have a name like Best Buy but if it gets them the stadium sooner then that might be the best bet.

    Maybe Tarkenton Field at Walmart Stadium. Name the Stadium different then the true playing surface.

    I wish they would work with the Twin and Golphers and split the cost, the state wouldnt have any issue with spending money if all kicked in. Even if the stadium cost more, each could put up part of the cost and the parking would be less, etc.

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