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Thread: A New Stadium?

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    A New Stadium?

    Remember the last thread about this? It got pretty ugly.

    Open air for me.

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    A New Stadium?

    i'd like a retractable roof with real grass
    "We are Lions!!" - Achilles (from the movie Troy )

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    Del Rio Guest

    A New Stadium?

    Me and Caine called a truce.

    Valid points all around. This time around I will say indoor -w- turf

    But yes it did get ugly last time. Stayed civilized but rough around the edges just like it should be

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    A New Stadium?

    Why retractable? Does anyone remember the 70's Vikings in the snow? They ruled. The old Met was like Lambeau in that regard. Visiting teams always had a tough time playing there. Seattle just a built an outdoor stadium (not retractable) and it's seen as a big success for all concerned including the fans. New England did too .. not retractable.
    If you've played and watched an outdoor football game in the cold and/or in the snow, then you know that an indoor game in comparison is just a sad spectacle. My $.02 :sunny:

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    A New Stadium?

    There's way more profitability to a retractable roof stadium with MN climate.

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    A New Stadium?

    u gotta keep the dome what the fuck is rong with it. outdoors would b gay as hell! incase u didnt realize it gets like 30 degrees below zero in minnesota.

    WOW! y would u want an outdoor stadium

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    A New Stadium?

    "Hooversham" wrote:
    I'd be for open air and natural grass too.

    But doesn't anyone remember that the Vikings absolutely SUCK in open and natural grass stadiums? We are the most southern-thinking Northern team in history.

    If we do this, we'd pray to go to domed stadiums to win again.

    Hey we cant lose much anyways. I would definitly classify 2005 as a rebuilding year. Why not learn to play in teh tundra while we're at it?

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    A New Stadium?

    If it happens(new stadium),they may have to call it "Williams Field"!

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    MMMM!!! That Fresh Minn. Air...

    I know there are some(ok, 1 or 2 of the most LOL) out there that think that an indoor stadium is the way to go but to that I ask you "Where has the fight gone?" If the"Fudge" Packers can do it why can't our beloved VIKINGS do it as well. If I were coach I would at least practice them outside during the cold season. I really believe it would toughen up the team. We/they are the Vikings for god sake! I understand the lose in revenue but here in Chicago people would call it sacreligious to use Soldier Field for anything other then Football. I am from Perth, Scotland located in the Highlands where it gets comparetively cold as well. Regardless of what the weather is like the Celtics(though of no importance to many... "Go Celtics!!!") and the Rangers still play (European)Football or as you Americans call it Soccer in standard shorts and shirt in this type of weather. I am not saying that us Scotsman are tougher then American Football players I'm just pointing out that it can be done. I just remember how tough the players from the past were and I would like to see that same intensity again. I believe that any new stadium should be reserved for Football only. I would appreciate it as well, if I didn't recieve any "bashing" from anyone for bringing up (Euro)Football/ "Soccer". Honestly I would go see the Vikings play no matter what the weather. :salute:
    "When I played pro football, I never set out to hurt anyone deliberately - unless it was, you know, important, like a league game or something"

    Dick Butkus

    "They say Football s a matter of life and death - but it s more important than that"

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