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Thread: A New Low

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    A New Low

    Here is an article on the Vikings. Fran Trakenton seems to thinks that our coaching staff is to blame, I agree.

    Vikings hit new low
    Gary Giombetti
    The Daily Tribune
    Monday, October 03rd, 2005 01:28:20 PM

    HIBBING — I didn’t think it could happen, but the Minnesota Vikings have sunk to a new low.

    With their embarrassing 30-10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, the Vikings are now 1-3 on the year heading into their bye week.

    The Vikings’ futility on offense and defense was dismal.

    What excuses can Coach Mike Tice use for this loss?

    Story Continues Below

    I’ll bet he’ll say he had six defensive players out and that’s why the Falcons were able to run up and down the field with reckless abandon.

    That excuse isn’t going to fly.

    If a team is prepared well enough for a contest it shouldn’t matter who plays. By the looks of it, this team wasn’t well prepared for what the Falcons threw at them.

    We knew they were going to run, yet our defense wasn’t in position to slow that running game down.

    The real reason our defense is so bad is the coaching.

    Fran Tarkenton was on the radio play-by-play, and he said that with conviction.

    When asked, Tarkenton said you can’t play a prevent defense the whole game.

    You have to be aggressive. The Vikings are way too passive. There’s no pressure and the strongest part of our defense was supposed to be the defensive line.

    So much for perception. There’s no strong part to this defense. This is the most pathetic group of defenders this side of the Mississippi River.

    Read entire article:

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    Re: A New Low

    It's been so painfully obvious for two years. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.

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    Re: A New Low

    Passive on defense and conservative on offense. It was well known Atlanta's secondary was hurting, we didn't take many shots downfield at it. Vikes come out beginning of the game in a 3 TE set and decide to grind the ball. Now, I have no problem with running and est. the run, but when it doesn't work .... ADJUST !!!! Which this coaching staff never did YET AGAIN this last sunday.

    The defense .... was pathetic. From the lack of effort from the front line to the poor tackling in the lb's and secondary. Also, don't forget Cottrell who had our defense sitting there against the leagues best running team in passive defensive schemes, in no way did he blitz, change it up from zone to man-man ... nothing. Predicable as heck and an overall poor job of preparing the players and/or schemeing. Thanks my 2 cents for what it's worth.

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    Re: A New Low

    dam, that was a powerful, painful, but good and 100% accurate article. we are playin like a punch of ahhh, cookies, on defense and the play calling as been absolutely horrible. i agree with everything said in the article except saying that they are the worst defense this side on the mississippi. the coaching staff is a complete joke. i think we should've exploited atl's banged up secondary from the get go. i can see wanting to establish the run, but come on tarded tice, let it go when it doesn't work. we'll see how we do against chi, hopefully our team can get out of the funk their in

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    Re: A New Low

    Man this sucks.. I thought Tice was gonna come around.. And Cottrell was gonna be a savior to our D.. We shoulda picked up Bates.. That woulda been sweet.. And fire Tice damn it.. Get anyone.. PLEASE!

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    Re: A New Low


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    Re: A New Low

    Prevent defense for the entire game... People (analyst and fans alike) have been screaming about how awful this scheme is for what, three years now, yet we see no changes. Sigh...

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