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Thread: New Era

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    New Era

    We were suppose to start this new era, with new guys and a new plays. The after Randy Moss Era....he's to many problems blah blah blah.....

    But I'll tell you one thing...I miss Moss deep, or a crazy lateral to M. Williams or better yet, a fake moon to 65,000 in Lamb field for a playoff game.

    What we got instead of all that, a guy who's being benched for Keith Newman and a rookie WR who at times looks good but is no Cris Carter or Randy Moss.......So this ? is this new era with the love boat crew going to make up for the superfreak or continue to make excuses......

    I would like to see this ship turn around....but I would also like to see them trade there next 2 first round picks and anything else the Raiders need to get Moss back.

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    Re: New Era

    Oh goodie. Another Moss thread where members can lash out at each other. Not.

    Add it to the already battle tested threads where members are having it out.

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