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Thread: the new defense

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    the new defense

    Damn guys the cowboys had a lot of cheap shots u would think they would be a lot classier under bill parcells i know i am very disappointed in them as im sure many others are.. Americas Team ya right they totally pissed me off 2day

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    the new defense

    Yeah, the Cowboys did have a couple cheap plays, especially against Moss. Like in the 2nd quarter I think, Roy Williams knocked him down when the play wasn't even close to him. Also, in the end zone where Terance Newman got on top of Moss and wouldn't let him get up and started smacking him. But, rest assured the very next play Randy Moss gets a TD! Don't make him mad, that was very dumb on the part of the Cowboys DBs.

    Anyway, great pic of Meshawn getting flipped over! I think our D really showed signs of improvement in the 2nd half!

    Great game!!!!! :salute: :cheers:
    Go Vikings!

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    the new defense

    I mentioned this in another post so if you catch me repeating myself I am sorry. I noticed today that Kevin Williams makes this defense go. He was sick with an upset stomach today and did not play alot in the first half. The second half he played more and the D-line was more effective. Dallas has a couple pro-bowlers on that line and they are huge as a group and a good line, so don't be dissappointed in thier play, or the D as a whole.
    I read people saying that if you can't stop old man Vinny then you have trouble. Well Vinny has Parcels giving him a game plan that works for him and if you give a 18 year vet time to throw the ball he will be effective against anyone. How many QB's in the league today do you see throw the ball immediatly to the spot where the blitzing safety is coming from? I saw him do it at least twice when Brian Russell blitzed Vinny did not even look anywhere else, he burned us right away.
    Another thing, Vinny did throw for 355 yards, but he had to throw the ball 50 times. With the exception of one drive the D took away any running game at all. Alot of those yards came: On the last drive of the half when the D was in a prevent, and alot came because of the vikes being up by 18 and they played soft. Dallas only ran the ball once in the 4th quarter and Testeverde threw for 118 yards in the same quarter.
    If the vikes offense plays like this and puts up this many points often then I would get used to seeing the secondary giving up 300+ yards alot.

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    the new defense

    the coverage was soft because of all the blitz packages cottrell had going, it would be more shocking to see bump and run coverage when there is a three wide out or four wide out set and we are in a two deep zone, i was satisfied with winfields coverage against one of the best possession receivers in the game... would have liked to see cottrell show some more flavor on defense maybe? That really sucks about Irvin possibly done for the season... anybody know the status of sauce and moe???

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    the new defense

    From what I saw your secondary was awful.

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    the new defense

    "GBFan" wrote:
    From what I saw your secondary was awful.

    If Green Bay plays Dallas this year we will see if your dee can hold them to 17 points.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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