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    Negative Nancies

    "shockzilla" wrote:
    May I be the voice of reason here Webby? As a long-time Viking fan (almost 30 years), I have seen the ups and downs of this team. I just think all these "Negative Nancies" are trying to be realistic. And right now, I'm one myself. I am SO sick and tired of seeing this team underachieve for the last ten years that it's getting ridiculous. It just seems to me that what ails this team is so SIMPLE that people wonder why the HECK we get frustrated! Anyway, please go lenient on us - we're just sick and tired of the underachieving!
    To quote myself: "I guess 31 teams repeat history every year, year after year. They put together back-to-back non Superbowl winning teams. Fire the whole lot of them! Worthless!"

    Why is anyone in the NFL a fan? I guess maybe looking at the game from a larger perspective is simply unacceptable to folks who walk into each season seeing Superbowl. Those are the candy coating folks, and the ones likely to be let down.

    As I said: fine to be angry, fine to be upset. I'm terribly let down as well. Who isn't? But the whitewashing generalizations are just as ridiculous as those who call for Pep's dismissal.

    There's a difference between being upset or let down, and fire-bombing the organization with half-cocked theories. Right?

    Remember all the fans calling for Bud Grant to be fired cause he couldn't win the big one during those years? Year after year of let down? And here are some of you yapping the Tice must go and oh boy bring back Grant. I'll let you, faithful fans, distill the lesson.

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    Negative Nancies

    Webby, it's not just the superbowl! It is creating a team and improving as you go. Not 3 years into a plan, and we are in the same position that we were when Tice took over as head coach. He is the person that said he had a 3 year plan, the 2nd year to make the playoff (failed), third year to win the superbowl (don't think that is happening)!

    Look at Moss and Culpepper, how many more years are you going to have this combination at a peak level!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Negative Nancies

    "shockzilla" wrote:
    May I be the voice of reason here Webby? As a long-time Viking fan (almost 30 years), I have seen the ups and downs of this team. I just think all these "Negative Nancies" are trying to be realistic. And right now, I'm one myself. I am SO sick and tired of seeing this team underachieve for the last ten years that it's getting ridiculous. It just seems to me that what ails this team is so SIMPLE that people wonder why the HECK we get frustrated! Anyway, please go lenient on us - we're just sick and tired of the underachieving!
    Thanks Shock, I have been a tad bit negative towards Tice, but after last year's collapse and this year's potential collapse, can you blame me? I think this team is better than the 98-99 Vikes that went 15-1. Thie team should be exactly like the Colts. We should be outgunning everyone, our defense is a weakness, yes, but it shouldn't matter if we turn our offense loose. Linehan did not even bothering setting up that REverse WR toss play yesterday.

    I think Tice should announce that he is taking over the playcalling to save his job at today's press conference. Prove to Viking fans once and for all that he is "too legit 2 quit"
    something witty and comical... followed by genuine sarcasm.

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    Negative Nancies

    webby.......please give me an opinion on linehan. ARE YOU HAPPY WITH HIS PLAY CALLING? if you are i will shutup the rest of the season about him. he is the only one that i have smashed this season. maybe there has been an off-hand comment about this or that, but for the most part it has been mostly linehan. and for the record, i am not a candy coater believing every year the vikings are going to crush the whole league. but do i go into every game thinking that the vikes "can do" ?yes!!!!! abso-frickin-lutely. and that is positive. so remember opinions are like buttholes, everybody has one and most of them stink. and i know mine stinks right now, but i surely do like to cheer rather than complain!!!!

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    Negative Nancies

    WEBBY c'mon are you serious????

    you can't possibly be that blinded trying to stay "positive" while trashing Faithful Vikings fans...We are being realistic and are tired of our team underachieving....A true fan loves his team in his heart and wants to see then succeed...just like a father and his son..but deep down a father knows when his son can be better...and part of being a fan is being critical of your team and being honest...If we were overachieving..I can say we overachieved...but we are underachieving..

    Just Look at some of the other teams in the league...Steelers, Jags, Eagles, Panthers, Bills, Jets, and yes, even the Skins (last two weeks) lately....All these teams may not be superbowl contenders but they do have one thing in common....A tough minded coach! These teams who in the face of adversity don't quit.and have taken on their head coaches mentality as a tough minded team..The skins look like they finally get it!

    NOw I like MIke Tice...but he looks as confused at key times in games as an accountant trying to fly a plane for the first time...Now I believe we have the talent even on defense but there comes a certain time when the players have to wake-up and tough it out and we have yet to do so.....I have a Viking fan for going on 18 years...and I'm only 24 years old...And have only been a Viking fan...So you say I'm not a fan? I live in DC, home of all SKINS fans so you can't tell me I aint a fan...I've never even been to Minnesota but can tell you almost anything about our team since 1987! From Wade Wilson all the way to The PEPP

    Earlier comment....
    AND I can say had that play worked on the reverse at the end of the Seattle game I would have still questioned the playcalling just like I did in the Dallas game throwing the ball all those times while inside the five yard line...I thought it was dumb to put try and out smart a stingy secondary and put the ball in the hands of an all pro wr instead of giving it to a MVP candidate...that's a no-brainer!!!..and I think although creative, Linehan doesn't get it! His playcalling is awful...Almost anyone can take our offense and look like a genius...DuH, we have more talent than everone but the Colts on offense..and even that's debatable...look at last week, how many times did we run that reverse, fake reverse, and reverse again....and How many times did he run that draw yesterday before he wised up and did a play action fake off of it..what 4 times???....should have come about two times sooner...

    Not only is Linehan to blame but so is Cotrell, look at the Jets Defense....Did they not get a new coordinator and look at them now...You can't tell me they have more talent on D than us...Wasn't their D supposed to be the weak link this year....Now they are just better coached.....

    The only credit I can give the defense is atleast they make good halftime adjustments but by then it's virtually tooo late....

    In a nutshell, I think what fans are saying is if we didn't have the talent..then that would be one thing...but the talent is there....Even when we went 6-10 a few years ago we probablly should have been 8-8 or 9-7...had we not been so awful in the fourth we are tired of the underachieving..that's all....plain and gotta respect that...

    What ever the Vikings do all we ask is be consistent...If we're going to win be consistent at winning, if we are going to suck then suck real bad but it seems the only thing we are consistent at is collapsing at crunch time ......whether it's in the fourth quarter of a game or season...

    We know the defense is good...look at the second half of games the past five weeks...We know the offense is good look at the majority of the season...but for some reason the players and coaches haven't gotten it done.....

    Redzone offense is horrible...and we should be so much better than that....There is no excuse for having one of the best offenses in the league at going up and down between the 20's and stalling inside the 20 consistently....Look at the last two weeks...I knew from week one throwing that much inside the twenty would come back to haunt us...we just got lucky early on....

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    Re: Negative Nancies

    "webmaster" wrote:
    Abound. Time for the fans to speak.

    I'd think we're 1-15 the way you people talk, not in a dog fight for the playoffs when cheering means more than booing.


    Said perfectly. What if the Vikes make the NFC championship? It
    is possible and all the whiny hineys what will you possibly moan and
    groan about? I'm sure you will think of something it's in your nature.

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    Negative Nancies

    I for one will alwas cheer for the vikes as I am sure most of the people here will. Last season was hell, and seeing this team take the exact same route that it did last year can make even the most steadfast fan question the management of the team. Really Webby that is all we are doing. I don't think I've seen one post saying: "This team sucks, I will never cheer for them again." or "screw this I am an eagles fan". As fans we all have an interest in this team and it is our RIGHT as fans to be critical of our team, just like it is our duty as fans to cheer for this team no matter what.

    F*ck, just because I like the Vikings doesn't mean I have to sit here, watch us throw the season away , and like it.

    I realize that there are 3 games left and we still have a good chance of making the playoffs, so I am not writing them off yet. Still, I honestly havn't seen alot from the team that suggests this is likely to happen.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Negative Nancies

    The upside of the criticism is I don't see many posts criticizing Moss for the throw or really any of the players. Most is directed where it belongs, with the coaching staff. The D, that had some really bad blown coverages at times because Winfield is missing, still gave us a chance to win the game. We lost because of a bone head coaching mistake. IMO many of our losses are due to bad play calling and lack of game plan or preparation by coaches. If it were just once in a while mistakes I would agree that the negative comments were just whining by complainers. But its not. The coaching falls apart at critical times in games and during the season. We are now hoping for a wild card berth instead of the division and a bye in the first round. Its not really being negative toward the Vikings to point this out IMO. A good coach who is on top of the game with a game plan would have overruled that call by his offensive coordinator.

    I am still a fan, and I support the Vikes completely, and I think they will make the playoffs, and I dream of them being the underdog champs of the Super Bowl this year like Joe Namath and the Jets. However I also think our coaches need to be smacked up side the head and told to get their freakin act together to give us that chance. :thumbleft:


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    Negative Nancies

    I've been quiet for a couple of weeks now.

    I'm one of the more positive Viking fans you will ever meet. I had great expectations for this know, this was the year they were finally going to turn the defense around, Marcus Robinson would take the heat off of Moss, Bennett and Smith would be an unstoppable tandem, Tice wouldn't lose to the weak sisters of the poor any more, etc., etc.

    And slowly, reality has begun setting in.

    To be fair, injuries have taken a signficant toll; perhaps none moreso than the injury to Moss and what it seemed to do to the unstoppable Vikings offense. Right now, 1/2 of the starting offensive line is sidelined (Birk, Rosenthal, Kleinsasser). The #1 and #3 CBs are down. Arguably, the best LB (Smith, albeit in a limited stretch), has missed about 6 straight games. On defense, the youngsters are getting where they aren't supposed to be faster than last year's slowpokes couldn't get to where they were supposed to be.

    I still believe the Vikings have the talent to beat ANYONE in this league THIS SEASON, on any given Sunday. I also believe that they are inconsistent enough to be able to lose to ANYONE in this league on any given Sunday. I still believe they will make the playoffs, but it is looking more like it will be as a wild card. Winning more than one playoff game on the road will be a tall order for this team.

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    Negative Nancies

    Some will say we the negative fans are wrong, and some will say being positive when things are clearly going down the drain is wrong. Why is being positive about us falling flat on our face for 2 straight years, being a better fan than us realistic fans that are tired of being average and underacheiving? You guys seem to think you are great fans for always saying positive things and saying we can still win the super bowl, GIVE ME A BREAK! You guys are no better fans than anyone else. Open your eyes and see the same damn thing we see every year, THE TEAM CHOKING AND FALLING FLAT ON IT'S FACE YET AGAIN!

    Not that we all realize we are falling on our face, why is it wrong to talk about the reason we are doing this? I believe tice is definitely the reason for our collapses 2 straight years, so I will tell everyone that I can that he sucks. Did I not say this to start the year, before we even started the season? Sure I did. Was I not saying this, last year? Sure I was. Just because it comes after a loss, every positive fan seems to think it is an overreaction to a loss.

    I am so sick of always being attacked for being realistic and be sick and tired of underacheiving. I am sorry, but when I see a team this good, playing so badly, I just can't sit here and say nothing, or that we still control our destiny, or that anything can happen while in the playoffs. There is a big problem here in minnesota and his name is mike tice. If he stays, we have no shot of playing even to our capability, NONE. He can take linehan with him too!

    If we are not allowed to express our feelings, negative or not, about our team and coaches, then let me know, because I will gladly leave and let you guys live in your happy fantasy world here.

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