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    Need some help!!

    To anyone that is willing to help out a fellow Viking fan. I asked the wife to get me an authentic jersey of either K. Will or C-Pep and she has had absolutely no luck finding anything here in Canada, and only a couple of places where they have them down there, but geez there like $280 US, is this the standard or can someone direct me the right way.

    Please and thank you


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    Re: Need some help!!

    Yeah, those are expensive retail. I usually see them for around $200 US.
    Do you have any friends that live in the US who would ship something to you? You could find one much, much cheaper on EBay... 963&rd=1

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    Re: Need some help!!

    look on ebay. u can find a lot of stuff there like jerseys and cards and stuff and lots of stuff

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    Re: Need some help!!

    yea e-bay but pick smart

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