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    Re: Naysayers! I can't beleive you missed this!


    Stacy Iggles, secretary of the Minnesota Vikings was arrested Saturday afternoon and charged with indecent exposure. The Minnesota Enquirer reports that a staff member called police shortly after 12 p.m. after finding Stacy and an undisclosed man "doing it" in the copy room. A press conference from Head Coach Brad Childress is expected later this afternoon to discuss the future of the secretary with the organization.
    In unrelated news, Steve Jaggov, an office intern, has apparently been cut from the staff roster for not being able to type a fast enough words per minute. Coach Childress, in a brief statement, cited the intern's "alligator arms" as being part of the problem, and wished the young man luck.

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    Re: Naysayers! I can't beleive you missed this!

    "VikingNed" wrote:
    "oddmanout22287" wrote:
    Does Stacey Iggles look at all like this Stacey?
    [img width=251 height=333][/img]
    If so, we can't afford to cut her!!
    If she was a QB, I'de love to play Center for her.. ;D
    I'm thinkin she should be the center

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    Re: Naysayers! I can't beleive you missed this!

    I would rather have her than Pinkston.
    She automatically would become s starting cheerleader......
    something witty and comical... followed by genuine sarcasm.

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