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    Naufahu Tahi playing many roles

    [size=13pt]Minnesota Vikings' Naufahu Tahi playing many roles[/size]

    He has become the Vikings' utility man

    Pioneer Press

    Article Last Updated: 11/22/2007 11:11:35 PM CST

    When Naufahu Tahi showed up in Mankato for training camp, he wasn't sure he'd make it any closer to Winter Park. At Brigham Young University, the 6-foot, 254-pound Tahi was, as he says, "just a big tailback pretty much, just running the ball."....

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    Re: Naufahu Tahi playing many roles

    Nice read my friend.

    Seems this staff likes players that can do multiple things.

    Given the fact that the Giants have a rotation that puts out a smallish DL at times/situations, I wonder if we will see a player set of Tahi, T-rich wacking on them with Klieny, Shank and Dugan.


    Might be a very smart move later on in the game if we are ahead and need to pound on them a bit.

    Makes one remember days of old when that was how an offense wore a team down.
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    Re: Naufahu Tahi playing many roles

    If I end up getting his jersey it will have his full name on it.
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    Re: Naufahu Tahi playing many roles

    i'm willin to give the guy a shot.. but i'm definatly not sold on the guy.
    I understand while he'll be activated over MeMo at times because of special teams & blocking, so we'll see how he turns out.

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