"bigdaddy72_1" wrote:
I think that Koren Robinson will be the #1 receiver on opening weekend, with Troy Williamson at the #2 spot (probably the #1 by mid-season), and Travis Taylor at the slot. I think that Taylor will be at the slot because he has proven his ability to catch the ball in traffic, and he does well going over the middle. I don't think that Childress will put Troy in the middle very often, he is a pretty lanky guy, but a great athlete none the less. Marcus Robinson will be on the team through this season. He is a quality receiver to have in your back pocket, and we would be stupid to cut him.

Brad can throw the ball 50+ yards, and he has had some great deep conmpletions. However, with the recievers that we have a QB like Johnson does not allow the offense to reach its full potential. The problem lies with how Johnson throws the deep ball. He throws it high, which gives saeties the time they need to adjust to the ball and make a play. This is why there were few plays called last season that had Johnson throwing that type of pass. This is the same reason why, even after winning a Super Bowl for Tampa, Gruden didn't really want him to be the QB of his team. I think that Brad Johnson is a great QB and I think he will do alot to help this team grow and mesh, as well as help out whomever gets brought in to replace him, but Johnson has his down falls just as most QBs.
I highly doubt that is true. You don't release a guy who just broke over 15 team records in passing, won you a superbowl, Accounted for 26 of the teams 32 offensive TD's, threw 5 passes 4 of which were TD's of 70+ yards, THREE of which were against the colts to Keenan Mcardel......just because he has a tendancy to let the ball hang in the air a bit.

It doesn't matter how it gets there, as long as it gets there. If he can help Keenan Mcardel get his face on the map with 3 70+ TD receptions in ONE game, then I am very much at ease with him working with our young group of recievers that are still not on the map.

Frankly I think it's funny that everyone is focusing on speed. This is a WCO, and Childress has said himself he wants Williamson to work on his routes. This isn't a set of perfect powerhouse WR's this is a group of castaways that could stand to learn a thing or too, I for one am glad Brad will be back there for this season to help them get some fundamentals going. It will help them as WR's and make it easier on the next QB who steps under center.