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    Is it just me or has Napoleon Harris been basically non existant? In preseason he didn't seem to do much and in the opener I dont really remember him being in on any tackles.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but shouldn't he be making some noise? I mean we did trade one of the best receivers in the league for him.

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    Re: Napoleon

    He has been called and in on some plays.

    Stats from the game:

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    Re: Napoleon

    I think the jury is still out on him.

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    Re: Napoleon

    well i just think the whole defense overall was doing good. i just think we are gonna need cowart back because im not comfortable with davis in the middle.

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    Re: Napoleon

    I think we're exspecting this guy to be a stand out guy cuz after all we tarded them a stand out guy. BUt in all honestly, hes a just a good LB. and makes the plays that count. May not be the big prime time Ray Ray is...but he gets the job done. Hollywood Harris baby!

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    Re: Napoleon

    To be honest I think he will come up with some big plays.. Just give him some time to learn the system more.. He is a solid LB.. Plus our line has been stopping the run alot and not letting the RB get to the LB's all that much.. Expecially Fat Patty

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    Re: Napoleon

    I think it's a good thing we DIDN'T hear his name much, because that means our LBs are doing their jobs! Last year whenever we heard a LB referred to it was because me got blocked, plugged the wrong hole, or missed an assignment!

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    Re: Napoleon

    Where is Donaterrious Thomas? Why are we starting Rod Davis over him? Harris Mlb, Henderson and THomas on outside or at least Newman. I think Davis needs to work his way into a starting role.

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