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    my views on the texans vikes game

    1)i thought that DOUBLE M played damn good and he should he could take the carries if need be...
    2)I also thought that marcus robinson established himself as a great wr to compliment moss(other wr's were respectable also)
    3)Culp was clutch as he has been the whole season to this point.
    4)defensive front showed me sometin wit the preassure they got on carr but carr was composed as his numbers showed.
    5)secondary just got out classed in the later part of the game
    6)The texans are a respectable team and we are very lucky with all of the injuries to get out of that hellacious town with a win.

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    my views on the texans vikes game

    I don't think the secondary played that bad. Look at the junk Carr was throwing up, his recievers made him look great. Armstrong with a great diving gatch for 30 some yards, the coverage was very good on a ball that was nearly overthrown and a great catch. Johnson made a great catch with Shaw all over him with blanket coverage for 30 some yards, and Johnsons first TD was a ball thrown between 3 defenders high and out of the reach of almost everyone and it was another great catch, and his second TD was more or less a lob pass that he threw without having his feet set and it happened to fall in between the defenders for a jump ball that Johnson will win every time. You take away the great catches and Carr's numbers are just average or good at best. CArr did look good today but his recievers made his numbers what they were not poor coverage.

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    my views on the texans vikes game

    Gee that sounds just like Culpepper with the recievers making some very good catches by going high to get the ball except Carr got hit hard several times.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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