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    My take on the Chiefs!

    Big game her for both teams. You guys need this game, and the Chiefs need to win in order to stay on top of Indy. If the Chiefs lose and Indy wins, Indy will actually have the tie-breaker over the Chiefs and the Chiefs will move down to the third slot and have to play the first round of the playoffs. We all know Vermeil doesn't want to see that happen.

    Well just to give you a little take on what I've been doing here, I have gone to a message board of the opposing team for each matchup the Chiefs have had this year. I started in Week 2 against the Steeler and now here we are in Week 16. Man what a ride it's been too! I remember back when both the Chiefs and Vikes were the only two undefeated teams and everyone was trying to figure out which team was better. Now, the two teams have kinda dropped off a notch and are really struggling to stay in pace with the other top teams in our respective conferences.

    I invite you to add any comments or tell us how you think the Vikes will match up to what Ive laid out here. Here's to an injury free game, and just maybe we'll see each other for the third time this season sometime around February! [8D]

    Quarterback- Tr'int's game has really improved this half of the season. Early on the Chiefs were winning with Priest adn it took awhile before Tr'int' really got roling. Now he is in full stride heading down the stretch. I think the Chiefs are going to use Priest as much as possible this week to try and keep Minnesota's offense off the field. It's weird saying this, but this is one game the Chiefs do not want to get in a shootout in! Minny will put up points, I guess the question is will KC put up more or not!

    Running Backs- It almost looks like they have been conservative with Priest the last few weeks. They know they are going to need him in the playoffs, so they are probably trying to keep him fresh as posible. They also know they really need this game and to win they must control the clock with Priest. Again I emphasize, the Chiefs dont want to get into a shootout.

    Tony Richardson had a cast on his hand the last few weeks and it may be off or just a smaller cast now. He broke a couple bones in his hand against Cincy and has been wearing the cast since. While T-Rich may not see many touches, the real reason he is out there is to block for Priest. he will do that, and he does it well.

    Larry Johnson finally saw some action last week when the Chiefs had the game under control. He still appears to be the guy if something happens to Priest.

    Derrick Blaylock is still the guy that spells Priest. It's almost liek they use Blaylock to keep Priest fresh, but if Priest comes out then it would go to LJ. Kinda interesting really.

    Offensive Line- Best group in the biz. Same group of guys have started every game, and that group is probably the best in the league. LT Willie Roaf and RG Will Shields are the anchors on the line and could both end up in Honolulu in February. C Casy Weigmann is a small, quik and athletic center. He really gets outside on sweep plays and this is where he is most effective. LG Bryan Waters has played extremely well this year, and the only Chiefs offensive starter in a contract year is RT John Tait. Tait is really making the Chiefs think twice about letting this guy get away in the off-season.

    Wide Receivers- Nothing spectacular here, but they get the job done. IMO Johnny Morton is a better receiver on turf and could end up with a decent day Saturday. Kennison is still the deep threat, but has dropped some catchable balls. Dante Hall has emerged into the No. 3 spot, and the Chiefs will find ways to get him the ball on offense. And Marc Boerigter has been rather quiet this year, but he can still come from nowhere and make an important catch.

    Tight End- You look at those receivers and you think, "man, they arent very good." The you have to take a closer look and relize our best receiver is TE Tony Gonzalez. He can block, he can catch, he can run routes, this is the prototypical NFL TE.

    Defensive Line- This is an average line at best. It is better than last year, but still very average. They get ran on like nobody's business. This is how you beat the Chiefs. Control the clock, run the ball, dont turn the ball over, and stop their offense every now and then. Think the Vikes can get that done?

    The line is comprised of DE Eric Hicks who is a free agent that may go elsewhere in the off-season. he will probably be looking for too much money. DT Ryan Sims has had a good year and is starting to look like the Chiefs made a smart move in drafting him in the first round a couple years ago. NT John Browning isnt that good, and the Vikes will be running at him I'm sure. And then we have Vonnie Holiday who I am sure many of you are familiar with. R-Kal Truluck comes in on 3rd down and passing situations to rush the quarterback. It usually doesnt help.

    This line is weird. Sometimes they look great, other times they look terrible. Sometimes the stop the run in the backfield, sometimes they look like they couldn't tackle your grandmother. Sometimes they put pressure on the qquarterback, other times the QB has a day and a half to throw the ball. I still can't figure this out.

    Linebackers- The outside LBs are prett good. Scott Fujita and Shawn Barber are quick and athletic. Barber was probably our best FA aquisition last off-season.

    At MLB we have struggled. Mike Maslowski has been battling some injuries, and Kawika has struggled in his absence. Kawika looks like the long-term answer, but I'm more concerned about right now.

    Secondary- Eric Waqrield is terrible. If Moss doesn't have a good day Saturday then something is wrong. Dexter McCleon has played well in his first season with the Chiefs, but William Bartee is a Nickel corner at best. Bartee is a free agent, and there are a ton of solid corners that will be available in the off-season. I can get you a link to all available FAs next year broken down by team and position if anyone wants it.

    Next year I imagine we will get a free agent corner, and then McCleon and Warfield will battle for the No. 2 , and rookie Julian Battle will move remain No. 4.

    Our secondary is really good. Greg Wesley is a free agent after this year and will be a highly touded safety. I think this is the Chiefs priority to re-sign right there. Jeroem Woods is also a very good safety who has played very well this year. The safeties are about the only positive to our defense.

    Kicker- Morten Andersen is old. So old the Chiefs save over $1000.00 each time they go on the road by checking into the hotel with Morten's AARP discount.

    Punter- Is terrible. We are in dire need of a new punter. I see you guys just picked up Leo Araguz, tryin to steal our plays or something? [!]

    Special Teams- Have to mention our special teams. Whether the Vikes kick it to Dante or kick away from him, the Chiefs are going to win the field position battle. This guys has skills.

    Hope this makes the game a little more enjoyable for all. Feel free to add any comments, they are all aprecciated. I'll be hanging out for the remainder of the season, and like I said before, here's hoping we get to meet up once more this year!

    Good luck the rest of the way!

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    My take on the Chiefs!

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    My take on the Chiefs!

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    My take on the Chiefs!

    What s the use of autonomy when a button does it all?

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