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    My first viking game

    I live in Ontario. I took my son who is 10 to his and my first Viking game 2 weeks ago in Detroit. I new this was going to be speacial but I did not know it would be this great. My son, Justin and I don't miss a game. (Sunday Tickett).But for us to see the Purple live was unreal.
    I was thinking this post could let everyone remember there first game.

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    Re: My first viking game

    I saw the debut of Adrian Peterson as my first game

    Got 2 nice tickets on around the 30-40 yard line, row 10 I believe.. Isle seats..from SingerSP for free to the ATL game last year

    The feeling was unreal.. I had goosebumps the minute I walked in.. When they announced the players they came back.. When AP caught that pass and took off down the sidelines and the dome erupted they came back again

    It was the greatest experience of my life thus far.. No joke

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    Re: My first viking game

    my first game was last year at arrowhead, I was in the endzone above where Shank supposedly dropped the go ahead touchdown... and got to spend the whole game watching Jarod Allen (who they moved to LE for that game) pile up 3 sacks against Ryan Cook. We ended up losing a close, but ugly ugly game against the chiefs

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    Re: My first viking game

    Still haven't been able to watch a live Vikings game. :'(

    Hopefully next season during Xmas break when we are clinching a playoff spot again.
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    Re: My first viking game

    My first Vikings game was the Vikings vs. Packers game at the dome in 1993. I had seats in the lower level, 18 rows of the carpet on the 45 YL.

    The Packers struck first with a TD run by Favre. After that it was a see-saw game of FG's by Fuad Reveiz & Chris Jacke. We kicked 4, the Packers kicked 2.

    We took out Favre in that game (hand or thumb injury) & in came Ty Detmer. We ended up breaking his thumb as well.

    Late in the 4th quarter, we were down 13-12 with under 2 minutes to play. McMahon was our QB & at his age his arm wasn't what it once was. He dropped back to pass & CB Terrell Buckley of the Packers yelled out "McMahon can't throw that far". Buckley underestimated the distance McMahon could throw & Jim unleashed a 45 YD bomb to a wide open Eric Gulliford who went out of bounds around the 4 YL with just seconds left.

    It was Gilliford's 1st & only catch as a Viking, but it was huge. Reveiz came in & kicked the game winning FG & the Vikings won 15-13.

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    Re: My first viking game

    Over the years I've seen the Vikings a couple times in Cincy and Pittsburgh, 5 hours and 3 hours away from home, respectively.
    But it was only this year I got to see them at the Metrodome.
    This is a must do for any serious Vikings fan.
    I had a great time as we beat the Panthers in September.
    Got chills during the team run onto the field with Led Zep blaring.
    Can't wait to do it again!

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    Re: My first viking game

    My first Vikings game that I can remember was Dec 6th, 1998 against the Bears. Vikes won 48-22. Moss had 8 catches for 106 yards and 3 TD. I went to a couple games in the 80's with my Uncle before I moved to Iowa but I can not remember them! I was born in 1981 so I would have been pretty young. Going to a game is one of the greatest experiances in my life. I have gone to two so far this year and am trying to talk my wife into one more.

    Thanks PPE for the Sig

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    Re: My first viking game

    My first Vikings game was a road game.

    Dec 1973, the last game of the regular season for us,
    VS this years last game team, The NY Giants.

    It was played at the Yale Bowl in New Haven,CT,.
    Because the Meadowlands where being built, and the Giants used the Yale Bowl as their home field, during construction of the Meadowlands.

    It was a day I'll never forget.
    Having been a big Vikings Fan already, a good friend of mine new this, so he invited me to go to the game with him and his Dad.

    We went 12-2 that season and won all playoff games, putting us against the Miami Dolphins in the Superbowl.

    I still can see Ed Marinaro running in for a TD and Fran Tarkington Lighting up the snowy skies with his passes....Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall
    ....and all the rest of the Vikings....

    For sure, a day and game I'll never forget.


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    Re: My first viking game

    Can't remember my first game ever.
    Lot of childhood memories, but not sure what my first game was.
    But I do know that my first game as an adult was on September 6th,
    1998 - Randy Moss's debut in the dome.
    I was back in the lower 48 after being gone since '93, and a few buddies and I painted our upper bodies purple with V-I-K-E-S spelled out (one letter on each person).
    We partied in the Washington Street lots for about three hours before the game and drank WAY too much at the game.
    I know we were in the nosebleed seats, but we didn't care.
    Moss was amazing that game!

    The drive back to Grand Forks was a long one.
    Only one guy was sober (he was the DD), and the rest of us tried to sleep it off.
    Unfortunately one of the guys had some pretty rancid gas the whole way, so we had to drive with the windows open.

    Good times...

    My son's first game ever was against the Packers in 2006.
    He was 3. Since then he has been to a couple of preseason games and two more regular season games.
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    Re: My first viking game

    My first game was at the Met Stadium which I can barley remember. I remember sitting in a blue barred area pretty close to the field and it was cold.

    My first game in the Metrodome will be December 28th against the Giants! I get goose bumbs just typing this. What a great Christmas this will be!

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