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    My breakdowns for the KC Game

    Disclaimer: I am not a football expert.
    I am a fan.
    Feel free to ridicule and pick apart this post as you see fit...

    I actually wasn't going to do one this week as I am still flustered from the Detroit loss.
    But someone requested it, so here it is.

    Viking's rushing attack against KC's rushing D
    Edge: Vikings
    We have the edge, assuming we actually employ the running game.
    We passed 37 times to 27 against Detroit.
    Considering that Detroit's secondary is the weakest part of its defense, this sounded like a good idea on paper.
    Unfortunately, that meant that we were game planning according to our opponent's strengths and weaknesses, and not ours.
    If KC comes out with 8 men in the box, keep pounding the rock.
    AP will break one eventually.
    Even on the drives that stall, I would rather punt than throw it away.
    At least with special teams we can win the field position battle, and that will make it a lot easier on our defense.

    Viking's passing attack against KC's passing D
    Edge: KC
    Our passing attack has not impressed yet this year.
    I know we aren't going to be throwing the ball 80 yards down field, but we shouldn't be getting picked off 4 times either.
    Add to that the fact that TJ's status for the game is uncertain.
    If Brooks Bollinger starts, there will be much rejoicing in KC. Holcomb actually gives us a fighting chance.
    If TJ starts, it will be a good measure of his maturity to see if he can shake off last week's performance.
    On the receiving end, Ferguson was disappointing, and needs to step up his game.

    Viking's OL against KC's DL
    Edge: KC
    KC was able to put pressure on both Schaub and Wrecks in their respective games.
    If Cook plays like he did in game 1, this would be a draw.
    But if he plays like he did in game 2, the edge definately goes to KC.
    On the other side of the ball, McKinney will have his hands full with Allen, who has averaged just shy of ten sacks in his first three seasons with the Chiefs.
    Add to that the fact that we will be playing in KC, which is easily the loudest outdoor stadium.
    Don't be shocked to see us have some noise problems and false starts (<COUGH COUGH COOK!>).

    KC's rushing attack against Viking's rushing D
    Edge: Draw
    Larry Johnson couldn't run against the Bears last week, but then again, neither could LT.
    I think LJ is still feeling the effects of skipping out early in the preseason, but he is ready to get back on his game.
    The Vikings D has lost a little bit of its stifling run defense from 2005, but ideally that is to the benefit of the passing D.
    I expect a 100 yard game from LJ, although I don't think he can carry the Chiefs to a win by himself.

    KC's passing attack against Vikings pass D
    Edge: Vikings
    I don't even know who will be starting under center for KC this week.
    On paper Huard isn't looking great, although I would say that his INTs have not been entirely his fault.
    Unlike TJack last week, Huard hit his WRs in the hands, and the receivers couldn't come down with the ball.
    The fact that KC ranks second to last in scoring is a bit misleading right now.
    Croyle came in for him last week on the final series, and went 5 for 5 before Michael Bennet coughs up the ball in the red zone.
    Whoever is under center, our opportunistic D should be able to generate a couple of turnovers, and hopefully silence the KC crowd.

    KC's OL against Viking's DL
    Edge: Vikings
    We didn't generate anywhere near the pressure at Detroit as we did against Atlanta.
    We didn't look bad, but we didn't look as good as we could have either.
    Granted, we rarely blitzed against Detrot because we simply couldn't afford to give up the extra man in coverage against their WRs.
    The KC OL has performed poorly against Houston and Mario Williams, but decently against Chicago. I did notice that Urlacher got a sack against them in week 2, which means that they could be susceptible to blitzes.
    I think the Vikings will keep the pressure on KC, send in a few blitzes, and have a good day.

    Special Teams
    Edge: Vikings
    Colquitt did a decent job punting against Houston, but they gave up two Special Teams TDs against Chicago (one was called back).
    Granted, Chicago has Hester though, and that boy is ridiculous.
    As for kicking, Medlock couldn't hit outside of 30 yards against Houston, and was replaced by Rayner looks to be more accurate, but not by much.

    Minnesota should have the edge here, with our punting and kicking teams performing decently so far this year.

    Edge: KC
    Have you ever been to Arrowhead?
    It gets as loud as the Metrodome, even though it is an outdoor stadium.
    The crowd noise will be a huge problem for the Vikings on Sunday.
    Plus, it is the Chief's home opener, and they will be fired up and angry about starting the season 0-2.

    Prediction: I hate to say it, but I think the Chiefs take this one.
    Our only hope is to establish the running game AND take an early lead to take the crowd out of it.
    If we can score first blood, I think we will have a chance.
    Chiefs 17 - Vikings 13
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    Great breakdown Paul.
    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    It will be tough to win in Arrowhead.
    The fact that it is their home opener makes it that much tougher.
    Hopefully, we can catch some breaks.
    We don't need the ref's calling roughing the passer and keeping a drive alive for the Chiefs.
    That was a tough call to take last week.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    Yeah, that call was bull shite!!
    And, so was the non call of Offensive pass interference on the CJ TD!
    But, we're looking at the Chiefs now...

    I'm thinking we need lots of pressure (SACKS!!) early and often to undermine their young QBs confidence, and hopefully, another score by the Defense to really get their crowd to turn on their own team!
    Otherwise it could be another really ugly, hard to stomach kind of loss...

    Of course, if the offense could muster more than 10 freakin points, it will help!!!
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    Nice work.
    I see the Vikings looking very similar to the Bears, but with a better running attack.....if Tarvaris controls the INTs and the two-headed running attack is back in action the Vikings will win this one.
    Screw Arrowhead and huggies.
    The Vikings control the clock and win.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    This game comes down to just a few things. The Chiefs can'ts stop the run, or the pass. This has been proven time and time again throughout the years. Our best bet is to comeout running, and run a lot. This Vikings team is built to play out doors, and play smash mouth football, why pass? We have one of the best run blocking lines in the NFL. Childress needs to take a lesson from a future hall of famer in Bill Cowher. Running the ball hard 30 times a game is the way to win consistantly, let your defense shut down people, and allow your quarterbacks to not lose games for you.

    Kansas City's offense is dead. Without Green they can't pass, without the run blockers they lost in the off season, they can't run. Larry Johnson is overated, and will be put in his place for the third week in a row. Remember this team made a very mediocre defensive line from Houston look very very good. I'd like to believe we have the best tackle tandom in the NFL, and some pretty decent Defensive Ends (Udeze is really coming into his own). The Linebackers are young, but are hawks, and can hit. We are going to give up yards, thats a guarantee, but this defense reminds me a lot of the 2000 Ravens. As Rey Lewis once put it "we'll let you catch the ball, but we are going to knock you out." We did it to the falcons, we did it last week against Detroit. Both are more talented on offense than these Chiefs. If Childress game plans arounds around true Viking football, we'll be laying hits, forcing turnovers and running the ball. This against an overly mediocre team in Kansas City should result in a win. If we put the ball, and ask T Jack to win the game for us, we'll be making a mistake. Cowher and Steelers didn't gameplan to teams strengths or weaknesses, they game planned around their bus, and their big hitters. We need to do the same. Utilize the defense, and pound the rock!

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    Vikings 17 - Chiefs 10

    Nice breakdown!

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    "Prophet" wrote:
    Nice work.
    I see the Vikings looking very similar to the Bears, but with a better running attack.....if Tarvaris controls the INTs and the two-headed running attack is back in action the Vikings will win this one.
    Screw Arrowhead and huggies.
    The Vikings control the clock and win.
    Hey Prophet,do you know what are the chances for Chester to come back at Arrowhead?
    El underdog.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    I have never been to Arrowhead but i WILL be there this weekend. I have always wanted to visit Arrowhead for a game. I will be quiet as a mouse when the Vikes are trying to get their plays down. It has to count for something
    I'm gonna go Vikes 20 Chiefs 16 with another D TD.
    Have I ever told you what an outstanding humanitarian I am?

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    Great break down.

    Only thing I disagree with you on is the outcome.

    Vikes 27 (YUP 27) KC 13
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: My breakdowns for the KC Game

    The 'Vikes are seeking thier first victory at arrowhead since 1974. They are 102 and 34 (.750) at home. Also, the chiefs have given up exactly 0 points during the 1st quarter at home this year. We can take 'em! Just get the lead blocker out on Donnie Edwards (lb), Get some early points and the Chiefs will not catch up. That's the thing though, we need EARLT 1st quarter points. Run it then run some more. P.S, I would like to see Flyin' Saucer run the ball!!
    Tuco the world.....

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